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Corpus Christi, Texas-Corpus Christi-The division of the Nueces County Public Health District may seem abrupt, but Corpus Christi City Manager Peter Zanoni said the city has been working on this division for nearly 20 years. Said.

He said the model is outdated because the health district has existed for nearly 40 years. He said that’s why he’s looking for seven other major cities in Texas that are bigger than Corpus Christi for inspiration.

“Some of them are accountable, which we don’t have today. Under the model, if you have two bosses and two people in charge, no one is in charge,” he said. rice field.

He also said the city is considering introducing emergency care and EMS as staff in the city’s health department. He said this is what other major cities are using within them.

“You can use them instead of using the health department staff,” said Zanoni.

Zanoni said one of the main focal points of the new City Health Department is to add value to taxpayers. He said the split would not result in an increase in residence tax.

“Today, our taxpayers are subsidizing this outdated model and we are paying more than we need to,” he said.

Another health care system will allow the city to focus on the health problems it faces, Zanoni said.

“We have a very high obesity rate, a very high diabetes rate, we have an early mortality rate in some sections of the city,” he said.

Zanoni said some of the programs currently offered by the Municipal Health Department will also be offered by the City Health Department at the time of the split, but the city is also considering creating some new programs. But he would have said he didn’t know what they were. He said they might be part of the January split, but work is currently underway.

The city is working on a split with Nim Kid, head of Texas Emergency Management. In a statement provided to KRIS 6 News, Kidd worked with other health authorities in small cities, whether the sector is managed individually or jointly, as well as in major cities. Said that.

The statement is below:

“The Texas Office for Emergency Management (TDEM) is a state-wide health authority, regardless of how the organization is organized, jointly operated, individually operated, or state-operated. Each of these models works to support local public health needs in the state-wide community, as determined by local elected civil servants. We support locally elected organizations that make decisions to devote their workforce and personnel to support the needs of their communities. TDEM has a local public health sector organized in the same way in Texas. We have worked well with major cities. “

One Harris County representative said that about half of the residents from Houston go to the City Health Department, and the other half, residents from other surrounding cities, go to the Harris County Health Department, so the county and city health department. I said it would be more convenient to split.

City of Corpus Christi taking inspiration from major cities’ health departments Source link City of Corpus Christi taking inspiration from major cities’ health departments

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