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City of Greenville prepares for busy week, expects a boost to local economy – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – Greenville City leaders expect this week to be a major week for the upstate economy. Autumn in Greenville will be back in a few days from Tuesday. Broadway is also in the Peace Center.

Wright, Pirouette, and everything in between is back in downtown Greenville.

“I love live music, shows and culture, but I was a bit far away,” said Steve, who was visiting Greenville from North Carolina.

As in most cases, Steve’s last look at Broadway’s work at Peace Center was at Pre-COVID.

“I went to the Carole King show two or three years ago,” Steve told us.

However, a new COVID protocol has been introduced to continue the show. You need to bring one of the following: This proves that you are fully vaccinated, whether digital or physical, with a positive COVID-19 antibody test or a negative COVID test within 72 hours of performance.

“If I were in charge of the Peace Center, I would do exactly the same thing. The eight Tony Award-winning Hades Towns are huge,” said Glen Brown’s Greenville Resident.

Glen Brown is all for safety protocols. He has tickets for the show there in the not too distant future.

The same is true for the fall of Green Building, which is just around the corner.

“I’m as excited as I can in the first fall of Greenville,” Brown told us.

Events like these Beth Brothertons with the City of Greenville told us will leave a lasting positive impact on the region.

“This is to go downtown Greenville and do it in a safe way, as they may stop by and see what they want to buy while walking down our wonderful main street.” Said Beth Brotherton, a spokesman for the city of Greenville.

She told us that they are eager to bring something like this back to town to not only provide entertainment but also help local businesses.

“This year’s out-of-state ticket sales have been impressive. This is an opportunity for people to check out great breweries and local restaurants and listen to local and local music,” Brotherton told 7News. ..

The autumn Green Building opening concert is Thursday night. Everything officially starts at noon on Friday.

You can find links to all COVID safety protocols that Peace Center follows here..

City of Greenville prepares for busy week, expects a boost to local economy Source link City of Greenville prepares for busy week, expects a boost to local economy

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