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Honolulu (KHON2) — Over $ 500,000 — That’s How Much It Costs Honolulu Ocean Safety To prevent the sun from setting in the “Dawn to Dusk” program. Budget issues make staffing difficult.

programLifeguards will patrol the beach longer than the usual 9 am to 5:30 pm shift, but began in July. This program is not done with guards as intended, but with mobile units such as trucks and jet skis due to budget constraints.

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“It’s basically a truck towing a jet ski. Then it goes up and down the coastline to various stations seeking a response to a particular area. This is of great concern to us. That’s right. I know there can be traffic for some reason. There are many situations, “said Heidi Tsuneyoshi, chairman of the Honolulu City Council Public Safety Commission.

Paramedics said maritime safety needs to fill 25 recruited occupations in four years. Therefore, on Wednesday, October 20, we requested the Honolulu City Council for $ 561,350.

Mr. Tsuneyoshi told the city council that the city council had a budget for “dawn to dusk” staffing, but that it didn’t happen.

At a hearing on Wednesday, Budget and Finance Director Andy Kawano told the Honolulu City Council, “Well, I think I’ve probably done what I need for water safety within my budget.”

Some councilors American Rescue Planning ActOthers have said that difficult decisions should be made, such as reducing programs.

“We don’t have the resources. If so, that’s great,” explained Honolulu City Council Budget Committee Chairman Calvin Say. “This committee is chasing 44 million people. It’s a black hole.”

Honolulu Ocean Safety is currently a division of the Emergency Services division. Councilor Tsuneyoshi wants to make the marine safety sector its own and increase budget autonomy.

“What happened today with this staffing budget really highlights the need for them to speak out, so they introduced a resolution to the mayor to establish another Marine Safety Agency,” said Tsuneyoshi. Congressman added.

She also said there was no move, so she introduced a resolution to put the question on ballot in the next election.

The government did not say whether the city would be in the red next year’s budget. Honolulu City Council Chair Tommy Waters has proposed to earn income from vacancies and vacation rental taxes.

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“I really believe in’dawn to dusk’. I believe it is essential and saves lives,” said Waters Council Chairman.

City of Honolulu administration short on budget for extending lifeguard hours Source link City of Honolulu administration short on budget for extending lifeguard hours

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