City of Seattle approved to be vaccine distributor; Seattle Fire Department launches mobile vaccination teams to focus on adult family homes – Seattle, Washington

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Information from Seattle City

Mayor Jenny A. Darkan today announced a new action by the City of Seattle to support vaccination efforts in Seattle and Washington. On January 9, 2021, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) approved the city to function as a vaccine distributor. This means that the city is eligible to receive weekly vaccines from DOH and can vaccinate Seattle residents and workers. With this approval, the Seattle Fire Department (SFD) has swiftly launched two mobile vaccination teams to vaccinate nearly 1,000 residents and adult family housing (AFH) staff within the next two weeks. I will do it.

“”We had a difficult start until 2021, but I think the possibility of vaccination is very high. Seattle continues to have the fewest cases and hospitalizations of all major cities. Bold collective action Together we show that we can save lives and fight pandemics.. There are numerous problems in immunizing our community quickly. Most tragicly, more than 375,000 people have died in our country due to the COVID-19 virus. And the pandemic burden is disproportionate to our black, indigenous and Latin communities, “said Mayor Darkan. “”The road to Seattle’s reopening and economic recovery begins with vaccination. Today is the first step in the city’s efforts to significantly increase immunization rates and make vaccines readily available to city workers and residents. Even if many of us begin to be vaccinated, we still need to wear masks, practice social distance and follow all public health guidance.

The Ministry of Health approved the application to become the city’s COVID-19 vaccine distributor on Saturday, January 9, 2021. The city distributes the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and requests DOH to allocate the vaccine weekly. The city requested 1,000 vaccine allocations during the first week of the SFD Mobile Vaccination Team. This allocation is consistent with the total number of individuals SFD expects to be vaccinated within the next two weeks.

“It’s important to step up efforts to quickly vaccinate vulnerable Seattle residents. The City of Seattle has taken true leadership in the fight against the coronavirus from the beginning, without federal coordination. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the Seattle Fire Department, we early launched a municipal COVID test site that has provided more than 560,000 free tests to Seattle residents. It is an immigrant refugee from Seattle and King. Working with the Department. County, Finance and Management Services, Seattle Police, and more. This new effort to speed up vaccination saves lives and avoids recreating the unacceptable disparities in infection rates in the BIPOC community. “It helps to help,” said Councilor Lisa Herbolt (District 1, West Seattle, South Park).

The Seattle Fire Department’s mobile vaccination team aims to vaccinate nearly 1,000 residents and Adult Family Homes (AFH) staff within the next two weeks. SFD will begin vaccination against AFH on Thursday, January 14, 2021. The mobile vaccination team will consist of two registered technicians and one firefighter / EMT or firefighter / paramedic, and the two teams will vaccinate 10 AFHs per day. The SFD team has vaccinated AFH, which is not provided by a partnership between the federal government and CVS / Walgreens, and the location was identified in a partnership with Public Health – Seattle & King County.

Based on the vaccine supply, the SFD team will vaccinate all AFHs in Seattle that are not covered by the federal program by January 24, 2021 and a second time in each household by February 21, 2021. We are planning to inoculate. SFD vaccinates both residents and workers. AFH. AFH serves both the elderly and the disabled.

“Seattle Fire is the first fire and emergency medical services agency in the state to be approved for COVID-19 vaccine. At the beginning of the pandemic, we sought approval to test members of the community for COVID-19. And we are ready to re-pivot our work to help with this new capability. Through the Mobile Vaccination Team Program, a facility for vaccination to those in greatest need. We are proud that our members have stepped up to serve others again, and we know that widespread vaccination can save lives … And we can end this, “said Harold Skoggins, chief of the fire department.

“For almost a year, the CoVID-19 Prevention Network has been working to ensure that the National Institutes of Health-sponsored vaccine trials include participants representing the diversity of the country. Dr. Michele Andrasik, Director of Social Behavioral Science Research and Community Engagement, said: “But vaccines do not improve the health of our community. Vaccines – actually vaccines. Vaccinated people – are needed to see the serious illness and death effects of COVID that the black, indigenous, and colored communities are experiencing disproportionately. “

Based on vaccine supply, the City of Seattle can expand its mobile vaccination efforts during the interim period between the first and second vaccinations in the first group of AFHs. The city’s expanded efforts may focus on partnerships with community-based organizations and providers that serve older people who may not be vaccinated with traditional health systems. As Seattle City or other Seattle providers make vaccines more widely available, the city is ready to launch in partnership with a mass vaccination hub, similar to existing mass testing sites. More details will be available in the coming days.

The Department of State will determine who and when the COVID-19 vaccine is targeted, in part based on national best practices. Washington is currently in Phases A1 and A2 of vaccination, and high-risk workers in the medical setting, high-risk first responders, and residents of nursing homes are eligible for vaccination. Washington will begin Phase B1 in late January. During this phase, all persons over the age of 70 and those living in multi-generational households (including multiple generations) over the age of 50 are eligible for vaccination. For more information on the vaccination phase, please visit

Even if more people are vaccinated, public health measures such as social distance, wearing masks and washing hands are still important. Continue to follow all public health guidance and visit this website from Public Health – Seattle and King County for more information.

Residents and businesses can find a list of existing COVID-19 relief resources and policies On this website..

City of Seattle approved to be vaccine distributor; Seattle Fire Department launches mobile vaccination teams to focus on adult family homes Source link City of Seattle approved to be vaccine distributor; Seattle Fire Department launches mobile vaccination teams to focus on adult family homes

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