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City of Spartanburg hybrid street closure proposal – Valley Stream, New York

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Spartanburg, South Carolina (WSPA) – At the height of the pandemic, the city of Spartanburg allowed restaurants to expand their outdoor seating to help businesses make money while complying with restrictions.

Today, surrounding businesses say that street closures are affecting their bottom line.

If you’re in downtown Spartanburg, you’ve probably seen tables, chairs, and umbrellas installed for your customers, but some companies on North Main Street have helped their business flow. He says he needs to make a compromise.

In May 2020, the Spartanburg City Council resolved to close part of the main street so that restaurants could serve their customers under strict restrictions. Teresa Hildebrand and Kay Stephens enjoy outdoor dining.

“Selfishly we enjoy the streets being closed … There is no traffic going up and down and we can see it from a distance,” said Teresa Hildebrand and Kay Stevens.

Now that people have been vaccinated and the restrictions have been lifted, some Spartanburg companies say traffic is being rerouted away from the front door.

“We’re working on a lot of things that we think will help retail throughout downtown. Much of what we’re hearing is especially from retailers,” says Christopher Story, City of Spartanberg. It was.

In April, the Spartanburg City Council resolved to close part of the main street until August. This allows businesses close to Morgan Square to reserve additional seats for their customers. Some say traffic is declining, while others say closures are beneficial.

“Since I was sitting here, I thought I would run into a coffee shop. I had never bought loose tea before, but I had lunch here, so I went to buy a lot of tea.” Hildebrand said.

More than 30 businesses in downtown are looking for a possible hybrid schedule of opening car roads during the day and closing roads at night and weekends as a compromise. Kathy Silberman owns two businesses that she says are affected by the closure of the street.

“I and other business owners say every day that they think downtown is closed when they hear customers say they’re passing by. They pass by and see all the barricades and downtown I think it’s closed or a construction project is underway, “Silberman said.

Currently, the city is working on a survey to incorporate the opinions of the general public, and business owners want a solution to get traffic on their way.

North Main Street will remain closed until August unless Congress overturns its April vote.

City officials will use the survey to collect a list of ideas to present to Congress during the August meeting.

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