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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — This year’s monsoon is less forgiving, leaving debris on the streets with every storm.

For this reason, the Tucson Municipal Transport and Mobility Authority (TDOT) is continuing its efforts to minimize debris, especially around construction sites.

“Mother Nature is very unpredictable. Some parts of the city will be hit or flooded, others will remain … it will remain dry,” said Mike Graham.

Graham, along with TDOT, says that no matter how powerful the monsoon is, the city is above it.

“Currently, there are three road widening projects: the Houghton Road from Mary Ancleveland Way to Valencia, the Downtown Link Project, and the Broadway Western Improvement Project,” he added.

Their top priority is to prevent debris from spilling from the construction site onto the road during a storm. Here’s what the contractor does to prevent this:

“They create bermwaters that divert water and stay at construction sites. They also use bermwaters. In essence, they push rainwater onto drains, and then straw deposits. We collect it and hold it in the braid itself, and we use clay sac on the barricades that are installed to prevent it from being blown away, “Graham told KGUN9.

Rocco’s Little Chicago Pizzeria is located on Broadway, close to one of the city’s construction sites. Owner Rocco Digrazia says the city has so far played a role in caring for spills and debris.

“When it’s actually flowing, the whole construction site is a river with muddy water, but it’s been filled several times since it started to rain,” Digrazia told KGUN9.

Graham says the city will soon get to work after the storm has subsided.

“If debris or deposits get on the road, you need to clean it, or use a street sweeper, or there’s a street broom, which is a smaller version of the street sweeper,” Graham said. increase.

They also turn around to make sure the barricades are installed.

“Our crew are waiting. They are ready to go. Our contractor. Our inspector. Our goal is to keep people on the road safe. That’s what they do, “Graham told KGUN9.

City of Tucson doing their part to keep storm debris off streets Source link City of Tucson doing their part to keep storm debris off streets

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