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Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) — The city of Wichita announced on Thursday that the Wichita State University Environmental Finance Center will work with the Wichita City Council Task Force to conduct a Wichita waste survey. This study aims to help local leaders and community groups make decisions on how to reduce waste.

Community members can volunteer to participate in a garbage collection event with a click. here.

The survey involves volunteers to collect and document material types, conditions, and waste volumes from 12 locations within the city limits. Each garbage collection event provides data points to help the city understand the most common types of garbage and how it grows over time. Cleanup locations represent a variety of terrain, land use, and surrounding activities. Many are near waterways or storm drains that lead to the Arkansas River.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Garbage-Free Water Program estimates that at least 80 percent of waterway debris comes from terrestrial water sources. Improperly disposed of solid waste threatens drinking water health, agricultural soils, wildlife, aquatic ecosystems, public health, and the economy. The Wichita Ritter Study helps you determine the impact of debris on Wichita’s land, streams, rivers and streams.

The analysis of the data collected and the additional data provided by the city and community provide a snapshot of the overall picture of Wichita’s waste. The analysis can also show potential environmental and community impacts over time and inform the implementation of possible intervention policies or programs.

This project is funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency under the support agreement AI97756601 for the Wichita State University Environmental Finance Center. This project does not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Environmental Protection Agency, nor does the EPA endorse its trade name or endorse the use of its products.

Anyone with questions about the study can send an email Michelle De Haven At the WSU Environmental Financial Center Program.

City of Wichita and WSU to conduct study to help local leaders Source link City of Wichita and WSU to conduct study to help local leaders

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