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Honolulu, Hawaii 2020-10-23 00:17:26 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — Thousands of tourists have returned to work or are preparing.

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However, there are still concerns about swiftly catching and containing the virus to prevent it from spreading, implementing quarantine breakers, and ensuring that visitors understand state and county rules.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell has announced that hotel workers will be able to take tests in Waikiki and Ko Olina until November 30th.

Mayor Caldwell said the city is using the remaining 28,000 test kits left over from this summer’s surge test.

The test is free and available to everyone, but Mayor Caldwell said it focuses on residents working in the visitor industry. Results are given in 2-3 days.

The city has conducted 1,467 tests so far. You can test up to 500 people per day in either location.

UNITE HERE Local 5 is Oahu’s largest hotel union and has been seeking hotels to provide worker testing for months.

“We ask the hotel to step up to the plate and do the right thing for the workers, and we ask them to do the same to keep testing the workers on a regular basis. I want to, “said Jema Waynestein, President of Local Five.

Mayor Caldwell said the state welcomed visitors and the test would help determine if the virus was spreading in the hotel.

“We also do pre-testing to find out what’s happening in terms of people returning to our beaches and whether the virus comes with them,” Caldwell said. Explained.

Earlier today, Vice-Governor Josh Green said a surveillance test revealed that one in about 4,000 travelers was positive. All travelers who comply with the state surveillance testing program have already undergone pre-testing.

Caldwell said he needed information on daily numbers and wouldn’t wait for the study to be published in a month or two.

“So we need to know the consequences of the actions taken when opening the visitor,” said Mayor Caldwell. “We want the risks to be minimal. If we see risks, we want to be able to adjust in real time, so we continue to move through the hierarchy and use additional protocols and protections as needed. You can continue to welcome your visitors. “

Some hotel workers told local 5 representatives that some visitors did not wear masks around the hotel.

“Some people are listening, others aren’t,” Weinstein said. “I think the most important thing is who implements the hotel’s protocol, and it’s important to ask all hotels to disclose which protocol they’re using.”

Mayor Caldwell said Honolulu police would talk to hotel guards and call the rooms of people in quarantine three times a day.

As of Thursday, Mayor Caldwell said 7,902 people had been quarantined on Oahu.

He said 2,552 were visitors and 5,360 were residents.

If the person in quarantine does not respond, security knocks on the door. If no one responds, call HPD.

HPD warns visitors who do not comply with local regulations, but issues citations if they refuse to comply.

Mayor Caldwell said there were about 4,5000 warnings and about 450 citations.

“We need the visitor industry to play their part in getting compliance, implementing quarantine, and implementing masking on their property,” he said. “So this resentment [between residents and visitors] There is a backlash that does not grow and kills our aloha spirit. That’s what brings visitors to our beach. “

Mayor Caldwell said he was meeting with tourism industry leaders this afternoon to discuss how tourists can stay up to date on local laws and obligations.

Those interested in testing should first register online.

The list of test locations is as follows:

2805 Waikiki Shell on Monsarrat Avenue.
Bring your voucher to your test appointment from Thursday to Sunday from 9am to 2pm. If you cannot print, the site will create a voucher.

Ko Olina Resort Center (92-1047 Orani Street, Kapolei)
Tuesday, October 27, 9 am-2pm

Walmart Kapolei
Wednesday, October 28, 9 am-2pm

Waikiki Hilton Waikiki Beach at 2500 Kuhio Avenue
Saturday, October 24, 9 am-2pm

Aloha Stadium
Friday, October 23, 9 am-12pm

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