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City says it’s working to fix flooding issues – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-08-02 20:21:52 –

Colorado Springs, Colorado — Some people are curious about what the city is doing to solve the flood problem after heavy rains in Colorado Springs over the weekend.

Tim Biorcini, Colorado Springs Program Manager for the Stormwater Capital Project, said:

The city is currently working on several projects aimed at reducing floods and thereby protecting homes, businesses and roads.

“Believe it or not, we are still working in the flood areas of 2013 and 2015,” said Biolchini. “We have just completed some projects related to them and two more are planned. One is South Douglass near I-25 and Chestnut and the other is North Douglass in Seton. . “

The completed rainwater project will include a retarding basin in the Garden of the Gods, galleys and Murrays, entrances to the Citadel Mall, and trails on Bear Creek and Ace Street.

Despite the completion of these projects, there was a flood over the weekend. According to Biolchini, residents were not only surprised by the flooded roads, but also by city officials.

“There were some areas that were flooded this weekend, but there are no records of floods in the past,” Biolchini told FOX21.

Therefore, the crew is currently looking at those areas.

“We go and investigate and start looking at why the floods happened to see if there are any improvements,” says Biolchini.

Fortunately, some completed projects survived the storm without flood problems. In other words, once an area is modified, it is more likely that it will continue.

One person living in Colorado Springs said he recently saw a completed project in Colorado Springs. He told FOX21 that expectations were high for the current street, Shelton Road.

“The road has been repaired, so it’s all nice and flat, with no bumps,” said Jackson Stillson. “I’m excited that this road is better than Oroblanco.”

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City says it’s working to fix flooding issues Source link City says it’s working to fix flooding issues

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