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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – Like most places these days Albuquerque city There is a shortage of staff.So they are trying to spread the word Fill dozens of vacant positions..

At the Eagle Rock Convenience Center dump site in Albuquerque, time isn’t wasted here. The solid waste department wants to hire more than 60 employees, so it’s all done by hand. “69 vacancies may not sound like much, because we really provide many important services to the city,” said Gilholbert’s Solid Waste Management Associate Director. I did.

Services such as graffiti cleanup and recycling. They especially aim to hire tougher positions such as mechanics, drivers and material handling operators. However, they maintain a shortage of staff, and the general public is unaware and does not miss the garbage picking.

“But that’s [filling vacancies] When there is a shortage of staff, they are working overtime because it is our recourse, and they will certainly help our staff, “Holbert said. “Our staff are stepping up and working overtime, so there may be lines at the convenience center, but in most cases the general public is stepping up and the service is seamless. I don’t think you’ve noticed. “

Solid waste is not the only sector facing shortages. We don’t know exactly how many seats are available in the city, but there are over 120 job listings online. Each post may be looking to fill multiple positions. In August, The city has started offering recruitment bonuses As a way to attract people. Certain positions, such as police officers and first aid personnel, can monetize an employment bonus of $ 15,000, while other positions, such as heavy equipment operators of solid waste, can earn an additional $ 750.

“These operators are very talented people,” Holbert said. “Honestly, they make it easy, believe me, they make it easy.”

Recruitment bonuses will continue for the rest of the year. KRQE News 13 asked the city how many seats were filled after deploying the recruitment bonus, but they just said they were encouraged by the recruitment they made and the amount of applications they were still looking at. Did not give a number.

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