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Wichita, Kansas 2021-10-19 20:23:53 –

Wichita, Kang (KSNW) – The community in southern Wichita has been replaced by stores that do not sell produce, with fresh fruits and vegetables quickly inaccessible after the closure of the nearby Save-A-Lot.

Hamid Bufftiari, a developer who grew up in Wichita, has set up a new discount store to replace Save-A-Lot. Buff Tiari said he tried to replace Save-A-Lot with another grocery store, but interested stores wouldn’t do it without incentives.

“There was probably $ 500,000 in refrigeration at that location. Walk-in cooler, we had everything there,” Buff Tiari said.

Mr. Bufftiari said he was ready to find a new grocery store for the food desert, but there was not enough support from the city.

“That’s what it is, but as you know, having a grocery store there would have been good for the neighborhood. But we have what plans they plan for. Will move forward if you have, “said Buff Tiari.

City council member Jared Cerullo said he was ready to work with the developers to tackle the food desert in his district.

“I’m always listening to it, low-income people, people with disabilities in District 3, people who can’t drive, people who don’t have a car for some reason, they don’t have the option to get fresh food. Food The store is very easy, “says Cerullo.

Deputy Mayor Brandon Johnson said he was in contact with Senator Moran and other federal partners to address many of Wichita’s food deserts.

“These dollar-style stores haven’t yet provided access to fresh produce. In fact, some studies have competed with grocery stores and have to pay $ 1 for groceries. It has been shown to actually exacerbate food deserts because opportunities do not compete, “says Johnson.

“Once we have a turnkey grocery store, we’re ready, but yes. Getting a grocery store back in the neighborhood will definitely be a difficult battle,” says Buff Tiari.

The developers said the building still has other space that could be a small market.
But he says it is unlikely to happen without the help of the city.

City working to address Food deserts in Wichita Source link City working to address Food deserts in Wichita

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