City’s new event unites homeless, service providers – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-07-28 14:39:14 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Homelessness remains a problem in Corpus Christi.

So what is being done to help the myriad of men, women and children who call the street home?

The city recently developed another initiative. It will stage an introductory event that brings homeless people and nearly 20 providers together.

hope is? To connect them with veterans services, medical services such as dentists and doctors, rehab programs, and transition services.

Organizers call this event their first success.

Tracey Cantu, Interim Director of Neighborhood Services in Corpus Christi, said: “People who often need service, but are in trouble, they are unaware or the service has not reached where they are, where they are staying.”

The city is also working with local nonprofits to create a daytime stop-off shelter.

But what about past programs as the number of homeless people grows? Do the authorities believe this is the first event?

Tomorrow morning, our Paul Mueller will dig deeper into the issue and hear from some homeless people who say the city can do more.

So is this the answer?

See tomorrow at KRIS 6 Sunrise.

City’s new event unites homeless, service providers Source link City’s new event unites homeless, service providers

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