Civic Associations Recommend Taking Route 1 Underground – Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas 2021-01-13 14:00:08 –

VDOT is considering lowering part of Route 1 to a boulevard above ground, but a group of citizens known as Livability 22202 recommends going underground instead.

As development efforts continue in Crystal City and Pentagon City, VDOT and Arlington County are looking for ways to improve the pedestrian and transportation experience along National Highway 1, also known as the Richmond Highway. This study directly addresses the increase in transportation demand resulting from the construction of Amazon’s HQ2.

According to a December presentation, the VDOT survey will investigate the feasibility of ground boulevards without the current elevated roads and compare them with the changes specified in the current elevated routes and Crystal City Sector Plan.

Following public involvement and a virtual public conference online in the fall, Livability 22202, representing citizens’ groups in Arlington Ridge, Aurora Highlands, and Crystal City, will take part in Route 1 below, replacing the boulevard on the ground. Announced an alternative to. grade.

This group is at least 18th Street S. We propose to go underground at the intersection of and 23rd Street S. and create a pattern similar to Washington DC. In Washington, DC, transit traffic is underground and local traffic uses ground roads like Connecticut Avenue. Northwest through Dupont Circle.

For a wider range of underground roads, the group is proposing a trench highway route adjacent to the ground road from 23rd S. to 15th S. The underground part will eventually move to the elevated 12th Avenue.

“This concept will solve side road traffic problems, create a much safer pedestrian crossing, create a whole new open space in the current wasteland, and open up countless redevelopment opportunities,” the group replied. I mentioned in. The group acknowledges that it can be “infeasible”, but a broader “Big Dig” is also proposed.

Liveability22202 predicts that dropping Route 1 to a slope and creating a more signalized intersection will reduce the safety of pedestrians and cyclists unless important measures are taken. They suggested low speeds, bicycle tunnels, traffic light turns, and pedestrian-led intersections.

The group also envisions a boulevard above ground as a “linear park” rich in retail stores, wide sidewalks and trees.

If the VDOT keeps Route 1 up, Livability urged the VDOT to consider something like a viaduct. Such a bridge will allow the space below to be rejuvenated in open space or retail.

In the letter, the chairmen of the three citizen groups said, “The investigation of Route 1 in the region has been significantly delayed,” until VDOT has conducted a wide range of stakeholder reviews on multiple alternatives. , “We support the Crystal City Sector Program as the best alternative.”

In the 2010 sector plan, as shown in the photo below, the grade separation was maintained on 12th, 15th, and 18th streets, the intersection on 15th street was reconstructed, and the newly created national circle Get a grade separation at 26th Avenue S below.

Civic Associations Recommend Taking Route 1 Underground Source link Civic Associations Recommend Taking Route 1 Underground

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