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The commissioner tells staff to find money to fill the budget gap, but it is not yet known exactly what money will be spent.

PMG File Photo: Raymond Lendlman – Metro-owned Newell Creek Canyon in Oregon City has long been a favorite of homeless camps.

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Portland, OregonPortland Tribune) — Clackamas County has said it will dodge feared cuts in existing homeless services due to lack of funding, but the exact amount is still unknown.

An alliance of local nonprofits, trade unions and providers cheers for the news, prevent “Immediate loss of housing and homeless services” for hundreds of counties.

“When we talk about government bureaucracy, it’s often about system failures to help the system serve the people who created it,” said Angela Martin, Executive Director of the Here Together Coalition. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to celebrate leaders who have stepped up in real time to ensure that the government continues to achieve its intended goals.”

it was HereTogether Those who have succeeded in persuading voters to pass on business and personal income tax Last year, it raised funds for supportive housing services in metropolitan areas. Most haven’t actually paid the tax yet.

Washington County and Multnomah County started spending these dollars anyway and used self-financing to deposit their income in banks next spring, but delays in raising funds suddenly hit Clackamas County to talk about cash cuts. Spurred, according to To the Oregonian.

Clackamas County The Commissioner dispelled these concerns on June 11, promised not to expel residents, and gave staff enough money to look for cushions to maintain current service and start launching support homes. He said he ordered him to find it.

Without the new tax fund, leaders said it would take 22 years to serve residents currently on the waiting list for housing.

“We can no longer wait,” the County Commission said in a joint statement. “We don’t have immediate access to local funds to deal with the housing crisis, but we take care of people through county resources.”

A county spokeswoman said in an email on June 15 that the exact source of funding was unknown, but will be updated next week.

Except for metro measurements, the Tri-County region already pays the homeless population $ 112 million a year, while Multnomah County spends $ 8 million a year, while Multnomah County bears $ 91 million. doing.

About half of that money provides support housing to 261 residents of Clackamas County, and the remaining quarter is spent on rapid rehousing and prevention of 300 people annually. Clackamas County is spending $ 1.3 million to provide emergency shelter for 660 people and $ 230,000 for temporary housing for 17 people.

Not as much as the $ 250 million originally promised by the metro, the county will soon have quite a lot of resources.

Revenues for the fiscal year beginning in July are currently fixed at $ 180 million, according to local governments, at $ 68 million for Multnomah, $ 32 million for Crackamas, and $ 50 million for Washington. Note — And the remaining $ 27 million will go to startup tax collection costs.

PMG File Photo: Raymond Lendlman – Mike Day, a former homeless liaison for Oregon City police, meets a man near the TriMet bus stop in 2017.

Officially approved implementation of Clackamas County plansBased on more conservative revenue estimates, said first-year spending would include $ 19.3 million for housing and services, $ 2.7 million for capacity building, and $ 1.25 million each for management and community projects. I have.

Of that, $ 3.5 million will be spent buying or leasing shelters, and millions of dollars will provide 250 units of long-term rent assistance and 130 short-term rents, 200 homes in homes, and 65 emergency homes. Create a unit and 110 households.

“To continue the momentum, a procurement process is underway to fund organizations with expertise in support housing, wraparound support, housing navigation, etc.,” said the county commissioner.

Clackamas County homeless funding cuts averted, leaders say Source link Clackamas County homeless funding cuts averted, leaders say

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