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Portland, Oregon 2021-07-21 00:16:17 –

Clackamas Fire is “better ready to mitigate” what wildfires can bring

Wildfire Evacuation Item (KOIN) on display at Eagle Creek’s Clackamas City Hall on July 20, 2021

Ore Eagle Creek (KOIN) — After the devastating and historic wildfires of 2020, many Clackamas County residents place top priority on wildfire safety. Fire officials in Crackamas say they are better prepared.

Eagle Creek Station 18 gathered with local residents on Tuesday night to answer questions about evacuation, notifications, and resources for the Town Hall, led by Crackamas Fire Chief Nick Brown.

“I think we asked a lot of great questions, and it’s clear that there are a lot of fears from what happened last year, which is justified,” Brown said. “What I’m trying to do is get rid of that fear.”

Brown talked about the lessons learned in 2020 and how to tackle the fires of the season.

“This year, we’re ready to ease what we have to face,” he said.

With Sandy Fire, Eagle Creek Station 18 is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They added a new brush truck and Clakamas Fire is the city’s fire department with the first hand crew in Oregon.

“The biggest thing for us is to be called Crew 30, the Type 2 hand crew I talked about,” Brown said. “This is the first time for a city fire department like us.”

This season is warmer and drier than usual. Before the fire season begins Neibur Fire In April, she urged evacuation near Oregon City.

“Unfortunately, the risk of fire worsens from August to September,” he said.

Authorities reminded everyone to create a defensive space around the house and make plans.

“Ready, ready, go-it’s a three-step approach to wildfire preparation and preparation,” said Deputy Fire Marshal Kali Shanklin.

Mr Brown said the town hall has one specific goal.

“I wanted to know the community in the end. I wanted to know who the Cracker Masfire was and where to go. They have a 404 standing army,” he said. I did.

Clackamas wildfire town hall aims to ‘eliminate fear’ Source link Clackamas wildfire town hall aims to ‘eliminate fear’

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