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Portland, Oregon 2021-04-09 00:26:04 –

Multnomah County Krakkamas will move to high risk on Friday

Clackamas County Chairman Tootie Smith, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, 2021 (KOIN, File)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — Returning to the High-Risk COVID category On the eve, the Commissioner of Clackamas County urged Oregon Governor Kate Brown to reconsider her decision before that. It will be effective on Friday.

“Our residents have experienced many things by declaring three disasters in 11 months. Our community is resilient, but many businesses and their employees are on the verge of collapse. “We are on the verge,” the five members said in a signed letter sent to Brown on Thursday night. “Set a two-week caution period to focus education and enforcement efforts on the rapidly growing population.”

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Chair Tuti Smith and Commissioner Paul Sabas, Sonya Fisher, Mark Schrey and Martha Schrader signed the letter when they met Thursday night.

“I think you’re told not to go to work tomorrow (Friday). That’s a big deal,” Sabas said. “This completely shuts down some businesses and their employees have nowhere else to go except the unemployment line.”

Yvonne Lazaro, a resident of Oak Grove, became emotional when he called the committee and told the committee about his fears of the company and its employees.

“Tell her that they have to open. They have to open,” Lazaro said. The employer says, “I also have a conscience and affection for the people who work for them, and when they have to pass pink slips over and over, I wonder what it does to everyone. Is it? “

Leaders from Canby, Oregon City, West Linn, the North Clakamas Chamber of Commerce, and representatives of the Business Recovery Center spoke.

CEO North Krakamas Chamber of Commerce, Laura EdmondsAsked the board to request better information from the state about where the virus is rampant.

“We want the clarity of contact tracing,” Edmonds said. “Looking at where the spikes are likely to occur, schools seem to be growing the most. But the business community is being punished for that. I want to know why.”

In their letter, the commissioner did it — and more. In the end, they made a simple petition to Brown.

“This is about people’s financial justice. Set a two-week attention period to focus your education and enforcement efforts on the rapidly growing population.”

ClackCo to Brown: High Risk is ‘precipice of collapse’ Source link ClackCo to Brown: High Risk is ‘precipice of collapse’

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