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Portland, Oregon 2021-06-24 08:00:00 –

Cooling center opens in Clark County

Vancouver, WA (KOIN) —Three-digit heat was expected in the area, but Clark County utility authorities aren’t worried about power outages.

Washington has a healthy supply of renewable energy from dams and other resources. Clark County PUD They said they invested a lot of time and money to ensure that their energy lines were healthy and their infrastructure was up to date.

“Our system is good, healthy and stable, but events like this put a lot of strain on the best networks, and our system is no exception,” said Dameon Pesanti, spokesman for Clark County PUD. I am.

Similarly, the Pacific Northwest energy grid is in better shape. Authorities said it was inevitable that extreme heat above 100 degrees would strain the system for several days in a row. Especially now, more and more people are installing air conditioners in their homes.

“Our dispatch office pays close attention to the grid and monitors outages and all sorts of equipment failures,” he said. “And when those things happen, we want to get on it right away. We’re always vigilant, but at times like this, we’re very much about what’s happening in the service area. I am wary of. “

Pesanti said he wasn’t worried about the type of power outage that hit Texas during the winter.

“Our energy portfolio is very diverse and diversified, so we’re not worried about what happened in Texas, where plants suddenly stop.”

Clark County PUD recommends keeping the thermostat above 76 degrees and leaving it there for the day. Use the “fan” mode of the central air conditioner to circulate the air. Close the drapes and blinds to keep out the sun. If the inside is hotter than the outside, open the windows to let the heat escape.

And a cold shower is very helpful.

There is Cooling center throughout Clark County, Includes libraries.

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