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Milwaukee, WisconsinTMJ4) — The bond between dad and daughter can be incredibly strong. The Salon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has found a way to make it even stronger.

When it comes to learning how to make a daughter’s hair, Dave Nelsen starts with the basics – a simple hairbrush.

His daughter Mena is not afraid to give feedback or tell her father what she wants.

“Mena went home and told me about it and told me that we would take this class together,” Nelson said.

Al Oldham, who owns Taylor & Burton Salon, says the client actually sought advice on his daughter’s hair.

“And I thought,’There must be another dad in need of something like this,'” says Al. “So I just made a simple leaflet, put out a word, and the class was full.”

Oldham says ponytails, braids, and bows are completely new skills for most dads.

Nelson admits that Mena wasn’t actually brushing her hair because she was a baby.

“If it gets longer and she notices a style or something like that, it’s like when I retreated because I haven’t had hair experience for the last 20 years,” Nelson said. Pointed to and said.

“I don’t expect them to leave hair stylists here, I just want them to leave here at a comfortable level that allows them to do something they’re probably unfamiliar with,” Oldham said. Said.

Nelson is starting to understand things – he is practicing a three-strand blade.

“If I had three hands, this would be very easy,” he laughs.

But he says the new hair tricks aren’t the best to get out of class.

“For two hours she sat in a chair, I practiced her hair, and for two hours I paid attention only to her,” says Dave. “No phone calls, no work, no siblings, no other family. Two hours of dad’s daughter’s time.”

“It was really fun,” says Mena. “It never happened for a long time, for a long time.”

This story was originally reported by Katlin Connin on TMJ4.com.

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