Clayton Men’s Basketball Coach apologizes for saying “Plantation”

Omaha, Nebraska — Clayton coach Greg McDermott apologized on Tuesday for urging players to “stay in the plantation” in a post-match changing room talk after losing the weekend.To Statement posted on Twitter“We used a terribly inappropriate analogy in claiming to be together as a team, despite being defeated,” McDermott said.

White McDermott said, “Everyone, we had to stick together. We have to put our feet together. I have to stay on the farm. No one can leave the farm. . “

Comments were made after the 14th-placed Blue Jays in Cincinnati lost to Xavier 77-69.

McDermott said he quickly realized that he had made a “terrible mistake” and discussed with the team the use of terms reminiscent of slavery and the pre-Civil War South.

Clayton has a racially diverse roster, including a few black players.

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Clayton coach Greg McDermott wears a towel on his shoulder in the image of the late John Thompson during the team’s NCAA college basketball depole match in Omaha on February 24, 2021.

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“I have never used that analogy and it does not indicate who I am as a person or as a coach,” McDermott said in his post. “I’m very sorry. I apologize to the student athletes and staff.”

The coach added that he apologized directly to Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, president of Clayton, and Bruce Rasmussen, athletic director.

“I’ve had many difficult conversations with student athletes, staff, parents, and university managers over the past 72 hours, and I’ve found my words painful. So I sincerely apologize. “I will continue the statement. “We promise to prevent this from happening again and use it as a learning experience. We still have something to do and trust to regain it, but thank the student athletes for their integrity and open dialogue. Let’s grow and learn together. “

Black Clayton’s assistant coach, Terence Rencher, tweeted that McDermott’s words were “terribly hurt.”

“My relationship with the coach is positive and I haven’t witnessed any racist energy from him, but what he said was wrong and insensitive.” Plantation “was dark and hurt in my community. It has a long history and cannot be overlooked. For now, my focus is on the players and they support them in every way they need my support. “

“The players decided to continue chasing goals on the court with McDermott this season. I support their wishes, guide them and help them deal with bigger problems,” said Rencher. I will continue to pour my heart into it. “

Clayton spokesman Rob Anderson declined to comment on whether players and staff were complaining to admins about the statement or whether an apology was announced.

In a statement, the university called McDermott’s words “deplorable,” stating that it was inconsistent with the values ​​of private Jesuit schools and their commitment to creating a cozy environment.

“We believe that the apology is the beginning, which deviates from McDermott’s character, but his remarks hurt many and never undermine the fact that there is no place in the Clayton community. It’s not a thing, “the statement said. .. “We provided complete and unconditional support to those affected by his words.”

Hendrickson and Rasmussen met with the players in Cincinnati on Monday and talked with McDermott “obviously” to condemn his words, the statement said.

The school said the disciplinary action remained secret.

Clayton Men’s Basketball Coach apologizes for saying “Plantation”

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