Cleaning company regains clients as vaccinations become more prevalent – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-04-22 16:07:41 –

Riverview, Florida — Riverview literally has a company that really wants to clean up this spring. This cleaning company is grateful to have been invited to people’s homes.

You can’t miss the big yellow van. The Home Clean Heroes were wiped out with Tampa, but suddenly they noticed they were sitting in the park.

“Initially, the pandemic reduced the situation and many decided to cancel the reservation. People didn’t want us to come home and clean up,” said Adeora Shabby. I did.

All Shabiyi can do is wait, and it seems that the wait is finally over.

He said he has been accepting 8-10 new customers each week in time for the spring cleanup since the availability of the vaccine.

“With increased confidence and comfort, homeowners have begun to open up and move in to us again,” says Shabiyi.

But the situation is still different and people continue to work from home. That is, the cleaners work right next to them.

“You are quiet and understand that they are on the phone, and you two are just doing you in the same space, but after all it’s win-win.” Said Shabiyi.

Home Cleaning Heroes are also particularly cautious when it comes to moving from home to home.

“We disinfect all our fixtures and equipment to keep pollutants from one house to another,” says Shabiyi.

For homeowners who prefer to clean themselves, Shabiyi recommends involving children. That’s what he does at home.

“Sometimes people grew up at home. Perhaps parents are the ones who usually do the cleaning, and because they are always cleaning, the child never gets involved with the child, so the child goes to their abilities and cleaning. Never develops interest in, “said Shabby.

He said the important thing was to make it more like a game than a choir and add a little extra incentive to the work you did well.

“Basically, you just go face-to-face,’I’m going to finish this before you finish it’and you two are having fun before you know it, you clean And be sure to give the kids a prize just to make at the end of the day, “Shabiyi said.

Cleaning company regains clients as vaccinations become more prevalent Source link Cleaning company regains clients as vaccinations become more prevalent

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