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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-05-01 07:06:39 –

Our winds aren’t as strong as last night, but at least the northwesterly breeze hits today and tomorrow.

Most of this weekend is dry all over the northeast and we will see plenty of sunlight and comfortable temperatures.

Today, winds reach 35 mph, with clouds and high temperatures recently in the 1960s to the south and the 1950s to 1940s to the north. There are several mountain snow showers left this morning, but they disappear over time.

Sundays look even better with the southern highs of the 1960s and 1970s and the weak windy afternoon clouds. There is a weak shortwave passing through Saturday night, and some sprinkles or showers may pass around midnight. The shower remains until Sunday morning for the Maine crown, otherwise we are all dry.

Next week, another open pattern will be set across the northeast. And another stationary boundary sets a rain wave throughout New England.

Temperature depends again on where the boundaries settle. In the southwest, highs can be in the 70’s and in the northeast in the 50’s and 60’s. Showers will be around Monday afternoon, and it is more likely that there will be more extensive rain from Tuesday to Wednesday.

It looks like the sun is shining on Thursday.

Then, from Friday to next Saturday, a storm system will develop, bringing in rain and wind that could be a coastal cyclone. Stay tuned for updates!

Clear, Breezy Days Ahead – NBC Boston Source link Clear, Breezy Days Ahead – NBC Boston

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