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Clear Creek County, Colorado — The St. Mary’s Glacier Community is experiencing a breeze of change. But that change, with some worries, can be costly.

The Clear Creek County Commissioner is considering setting a 5% cap on short-term rentals other than owning a home.

According to county records, there were a total of 128 rental properties in the unincorporated portion, including those whose owners live in real estate. These rentals are not affected by this limit.

“They’re having problems where they’re okay,” said short-term rental owner Thomas Myers. “Currently the only economy [in St. Mary’s Glacier] It is basically accommodation. “

His short-term rentals are a good source of income, which is why he and other owners filled the school building on Sunday afternoon.

When commissioners consider caps, many owners attending community meetings want caps higher than 5%. But if they don’t consider the cap, they worry that their rent will be at risk.

“The County Commission is now overcoming what the Planning Commission recommends and is trying to completely abolish short-term rentals other than owning homes,” Myers said.

Gino de la Penna, a potential short-term rental owner, states that 34 of the 35 rental properties in the St. Mary’s Glacier Community are subject to the proposed regulatory changes.

He says banning them from working would have a devastating impact on the community and owners who have invested thousands of dollars.

“This is the only industry our community has and it has proven to be very successful,” Pena said.

The county planning committee considered concerns about housing stock in mountain towns and complaints from neighbors about renting in its recommendations.

According to Myers, there are few complaints, in the middle, and abolishing short-term rentals other than owning homes will not resolve the future housing crisis.

“I’m sure some will be for sale when short-term rentals run out, but there’s nothing to guarantee that they’re affordable homes,” he said.

Instead, owners are proposing to build more affordable apartments, condos, and homes for the workforce. But they say it’s not the case to come after their rental.

“Balance is the key to success in everything,” Pena said.

The changes the Commissioner is considering are not limited to the proposed caps or the abolition of short-term rentals other than the owner. They are also considering changes such as occupancy limits, garage storage requirements, and enforcement.

You can read more about the changes here..

The Clear Creek County Commission will vote for the change in December.

Clear Creek County short-term rental owners fighting proposed changes Source link Clear Creek County short-term rental owners fighting proposed changes

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