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Huntington, West Virginia (AP) — Ulmer no longer needs to be hidden.

Marshall’s Offensive Lineman, at all 6 feet 4 pounds and 300 pounds, unleashed a year’s worth of energy, playing guitar in baritone, Kentucky, and modestly singing in his first stage performance since the start of the pandemic. I showed it off. Flock outside the Huntington ice cream parlor.

His key chain is secured to a belt loop and a can of smokeless tobacco bulges from his back pocket. Ulmer is West Virginia’s favorite John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Road.”

I used my real name this time as well.

The NCAA’s decision to allow athletes to pay fame and celebrity rewards has led to coast-to-coast transactions, large and small, since July 1. Sponsorship and approval are the most common, but there is another welcome issue. Athletes are now able to show off their creative and artistic side and make money on the fly.

For Ulmer, that means you can Play his music Gig without hiding his identity under the pseudonym “Lucky Bill”.For Nebraska volleyball player Lexisan, it ’s Supporting sports apparel design.. For Ra-Sun Kazadi in SMU Defensive Back, that means he can sell his art.

“University athletes haven’t had many opportunities to make money for a long time,” Ulmer said. “I think this is great for me, but it’s not really a matter of money.”

Like Ulmer, Kazadi sees his technique as an extension of himself. His work has a wide selection including paintings Athletes, civil rights leaders, Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, and the late rapper Tupac Shakur. Among his digital works is the Emmy Award-winning actress and singer Zendaya.

Kazadi, a junior who passes by Ra, has been painting since high school. There are also friendly and fun works. Some were done as stress relief. Others reflect certain points in his life. He also runs another non-profit group to promote social justice and community conflict resolution.

“My art, that’s me,” Kazadi said. “Hopefully, when people see it, they see me as a kind. They understand what I’m thinking and how I feel, so I I feel that much of what he doesn’t say is conveyed through my art. “

Before the NCAA changed at the beginning of this summer, Kazadi was not allowed to tie his face to his work. Texas law, which debuted last month, “makes a big difference in my life” through art sales from his website by allowing students to benefit from their names, images, or portraits. I did. “

He also exhibited his work at art shows, signed sponsorship mentorship contracts with custom art companies, worked with real estate companies and interior designers, and from high school seeking murals on campus. Is growing curious.

The interest after NIL is so deep that Kazadi is considering the possibility of hiring someone to help him.

“It definitely helped me navigate the world of art and helped me know that it really was possible,” he said.

Sun hoped that her personality and style would shine with the launch of her clothing line, with a deal with volleyball apparel company Ren Athletics — Black sweatshirt With her name and the golden outline of the sunshine.

“They gave me like an open slate to create what I wanted, and I was very excited about that freedom and being able to take advantage of it,” Sun said. I did.

It sold out in no time. Natalie Hagrand, a spokeswoman for the company, said the Sunny Crew shirt has been the biggest promotion in the company’s business for nearly a decade, and additional products with the Sun name are being considered.

Sun has also signed an approval agreement with Nebraska-based jeweler Borsheims... Sun, who holds a master’s degree in advertising and public relations, said he has acquired business skills.

“I think that’s the biggest thing. In general, NIL alone has the experience of having these interactions and business conversations when making transactions, and what these meetings look like, and they. I think it’s all about it, “she said.

Nebraska is one of dozens of schools with formal NIL programs, many of which are affiliated with companies that are keen to attract athletes from different brands. Some people work business schools to help athletes take advantage of new markets.Indiana recently posted NIL directory for all Hoosier athletes.. At Duquene, Joe Don Looney was hired as the first Division I personal brand coach.

Returning to Marshall, Ulmer’s teammate Chiron Taylor, a defensive lineman, started. Foreign clothing LLC last year. Scorpions are drawn on the line including the T-shirt and sweatshirt. This is Taylor’s constellation and represents the “new life” given to his father when he emigrated from the Caribbean to the United States.

Taylor’s promotional activities include using other athletes on social media as brand ambassadors. Everything remains small, but Taylor is constantly writing down new ideas. He estimates that sales are about 12 a week. The order will be shipped from his house. This is one of the positive aspects of living alone and there are no complaints from roommates about inventory stumbling.

“I live alone, so I have storage for my brand,” he said.


Hank Kurtz, an AP sports writer in Richmond, Virginia, contributed to this report.

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