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Cleveland (WJW)-Why more questions than answers Baby Girl Abandoned at Cleveland RTA Bus Waiting Area.

After being found at the Superior and East 105 bus stops on Saturday, an unidentified baby, believed to be three to six months old, became a foster parent.

Officials from the Kaiyahoga County Children’s and Family Services Division said the incident raised new interest in the more than 2,500 children caring for them.

Doe Baby (Photo courtesy of Kaiyahoga County)

Jacqueline Fletcher, Deputy Director of Resources and Placement, Kaiyahoga County Children’s and Family Services Division, said: “The child is healthy. That’s a good thing. I found her to be very healthy and well cared for.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Conwell, a member of the 9th District Cleveland City Council, said he was in the early stages of planning a door-to-door visit to the area where the baby was found and would ask nearby residents if they could help identify the girl.

“We are very worried because not only me but my inhabitants called me to figure out where this baby came from,” Conwell said. “I put my boots on the ground, do a door-to-door canvassing and ask the people in the area if they know anything about this tragic problem.”

A spokesperson for the RTA Transit Police said their investigation was underway. Police said the 67-year-old man, first found with the baby in a bus shelter, was arrested for not being able to confirm a relationship with the baby. The man was reported uncooperative by police. They later realized that he had a felony warrant for parole violations.

Investigators also released a photo of a woman claiming to be the mother of a baby. However, police have not confirmed that the claim is true. Police require anyone who admits a woman to call the authorities.

While the search for additional information continues, the Kaiyahoga County Department of Child and Family Services says they are pursuing a promising lead to the baby’s identity, and the case continues to stimulate interest in foster care. I hope that.

“I think Ohio will have about 16,000 children and about 7,000 foster parents in 2019. So does math. In our state, there is always a shortage of foster parents,” Fletcher said. Says.

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