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Cleveland, Ohio (WJW) – The simple task of grabbing a coffee mug was once taken for granted by Joe Schwappach.

Three years ago, at the age of 47, the fleet truck manager tore the ligaments in his left arm and underwent surgery. During anesthesia, he suffered a stroke.

“I got up a little and had a cast on my left arm and couldn’t use my right arm, so I thought,” Well, what’s wrong? ” I could think, but I couldn’t say it at all, “Shwappak said.

After the stroke, Schwappach was unable to walk or speak and was rehabilitated for several months. Some mobility was restored, but what he couldn’t recover was hand function.

Native St. Louis will be the perfect candidate for a groundbreaking trial in Cleveland Clinic It is called “deep brain stimulation”.

“This device works like a pacemaker, but it’s a pacemaker in the brain. There’s a battery in the chest with a small computer that sends very small controlled electrical signals over wires.” Andre Machado, President of the Cleveland Clinic Neurology Institute, said.

Doctors use deep brain stimulation to target pathways in the brain that are not dead after a patient has had a stroke. It is the same part of the brain that controls coordination.

“The areas that survive the stroke reorganize themselves and take over from the areas affected by the stroke,” Machado said.

“The doctors were seeing progress. I didn’t know, they were only a few minutes, you know. But then I went up, the score kept going up, and then It seemed to work, “said Schwappach.

After surgery and months of combined physiotherapy, stroke patients show more than double the improvement of most physiotherapy-only stroke patients.

Schwappach is now able to use his hands and wrists, which he couldn’t do before attending the trial. He will soon return to Cleveland, remove the seams on his head and continue treatment.

“I have hope, don’t give up,” he said.

Doctors hope that this treatment will be available to all stroke victims within 3-5 years.

Cleveland Clinic deep brain stimulation surgery helps stroke patients Source link Cleveland Clinic deep brain stimulation surgery helps stroke patients

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