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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-02-23 10:38:00 –

Cleveland city council member Ken Johnson was arrested by a local FBI officer on Tuesday morning after a federal grand jury charged him with 15 corruption-related charges.

According to the Justice Department, the accusation stems from plans by Johnson and his assistant Garnell Jamison to deceive the city by filing false monthly expense reports for a decade. Johnson received up to $ 1,200 per month in reimbursement for previously unperformed “ward services.” Johnson is also said to have benefited from the federal dollar he piloted the Backeye Shaker Square Development Corporation.

Johnson, Jamison, and John Hopkins, a former head of the Backeye Shaker Square Development Corporation, were all arrested on Tuesday. Johnson will appear in federal court at a video conference late Tuesday.

“The allegations in today’s complaint detail the exploitation of public office for personal gain,” said Brigitte M. Brennan, acting US prosecutor, in a Judiciary press release. Said. “Such an act may bring temporary financial benefits to those involved, but it undermines public confidence in the elected officials.”

Equally harmful is the fact that these alleged crimes, and the hordes of related corruption, have been open to the public for almost three years. Former columnist Mark Naymik broke through the new scandalous Ken Johnson story that feels like every day from summer to autumn 2018. Did almost nothing about it..Johnson was allowed to maintain a sinecure in his council, where He is double dipping There has been no impact since 2013.

Talk about damaging public confidence in elected civil servants!

The city issued a statement in Naymik’s report about investigating the allegations, and Council Chairman Kevin Kelley no longer allows monthly refunds to avoid a chain of negative public relations and deeper investigation reports. In the aftermath, external auditors determined that many councilors, including Kelly, other than Johnson were improperly submitting their monthly expense reports. Also named were Jo Jones, Kevin Bishop, Kelly McCormack, Mike Polensek, Anthony Hairston, Donna Brady, Anthony Blancatelli, Jasmine Santana and Brian Kazy.

Kelly then said,Tighten the rules“Manage these monthly redemptions.

The entire Cleveland City Council should be writhing at this point. They probably know that the FBI is touring Ohio, and that Ken Johnson could be the first domino to fall to Cleveland. In 2020, Cincinnati was shaken there as three council members Indicted for receiving a bribe Related to development transactions. Four members of Toledo’s council were also charged with bribery and extortion plans last year. Who’s next?

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Cleveland Councilman Ken Johnson Arrested on Corruption Charges Source link Cleveland Councilman Ken Johnson Arrested on Corruption Charges

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