Cleveland EMS captain attacked – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-22 19:45:04 –

Cleveland (WJW) – Police video FOX 8I team Shows how police officers tracked suspects in the wild scene after the attack Cleveland EMS captain.

The video also reveals a mystery about what happened and why police believe the victim could be someone.

A man stabbed and injured by an EMS supervisor who just stopped by a 7200 block corner store in Memphis on Labor Day weekend.

The video shows the police rushing to the scene. Witnesses then sent them to the suspect’s block.

When the policeman approached the man, he turned around as if he were fighting and wrestled with the policeman.

Police put him under control and asked, “What’s wrong with you?” “Where is your knife?”

Police arrested Justin Nevius, but the case didn’t make sense.

They say Nevius crashed his car into another driver, ran behind the store, went out to the EMS captain and stabbed him. As a result, EMS supervisors needed an ambulance.

Witnesses can see the attackers telling police officers that they have entered and exited the store. Then he ran in a circle before the attack.

For clarity, the EMS captain was not in the ambulance. He didn’t even call. Instead, he was sitting in his car.

However, records show that the attacker even opened the door and approached him.

Police had a hard time understanding why it all happened.

“You stabbed an ambulance man. You just turned a small one into a bad one,” said one officer.

So far, Nevius has faced violent assault and robbery charges for hitting the back of the store.

The Kaiyahoga County Prosecutor will present the case to the grand jury and charge an additional fee.

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