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Editor’s Note: The video above is about George Floyd’s death anniversary.

Cleveland, Ohio (WJW) – More than 12 people filed a federal proceeding on Friday. Cleveland Police Deputy Sheriff of Cuyahoga County used excessive force last year and was arrested illegally. May 30 protest Located in downtown Cleveland.

Two proceedings were filed in the US District Court by Atty. Sarah Gersomino works for Cleveland’s Friedman Gilbert and Gerhardstein LLP.

One proceeding was filed on behalf of the 13 plaintiffs participating in the protest. George Floyd He was detained by police in Minneapolis and died.

Dozens of Cleveland police officers and deputy sheriffs in Cuyahoga County have been appointed as defendants in the proceedings.

Is Eye team We contacted city and county officials to discuss the proceedings.

The county sent this statement to Team I:

When a proceeding is filed and serviced, it will be processed by the prosecution’s civil department.

Cuyahoga County

In the first proceeding, some of the plaintiffs said they had suffered numerous injuries in the hands of law enforcement agencies, including Shina Bernard.

“Shina Bernard is a 30-year-old black woman protesting downtown Cleveland on May 30, 2020. At all times related to this complaint, Shina went into First Amendment protected activities. Participating. Shina Bernard did not threaten anyone, be it law enforcement or not, at any time during the peaceful protest, with a sign of protest. While kneeling in front of the Kaiyahoga County Justice Center, Shina was sprayed with pepper from behind by Defendant John Doe Kaiyahoga County Deputy Security Officer. “

The suit also states that Bernard suffered nerve damage with a very tight plastic zippered handcuffs.

Other plaintiffs say they were detained, imprisoned, and released a few days later.

The second proceeding was filed by Valeri Belokon and Brooke Riffle, who stated they were arrested downtown the day after the protest.

“On May 31, 2020, Valeri Verocon and Brooke Riffle went downtown Cleveland to clean up the trash left by a large number of protesters and law enforcement agencies the day before, or to assist protesters in need of first aid. “They have been arrested for failing to comply with the Cleveland City Going Ban and detained for three days. All criminal charges against the plaintiff were later withdrawn.”

The complaint alleges that the two were unfairly arrested, illegally searched and detained for several days.

“I was particularly worried about the stay-at-home order,” says Atty. Terry Gilbert Eye team“Rather than notifying clients to leave the area, they were arrested, handcuffed, and put in jail. The curfew does not give police any authority to arrest people. It turns out that accountability rests with the police leaders who allowed these false arrests. “

Shortly after that weekend, Mayor Frank Jackson and police chief Calvin Williams said they believed the police did a good job.

Following an internal review of the protests in December, Cleveland city leaders admitted that there was more they could do to prevent violent turmoil.

Williams also said the city was considering a dozen complaints that citizens had filed with police officers about what happened on the streets on the day of the riot.

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