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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-28 12:30:56 –

Cleveland, Ohio (WJW) – FOX 8I team Investigating the fight to maintain the flag honoring Cleveland police officer Killed on duty.

It was the “Shin Blue Line” flag that sparked controversy and protests elsewhere in northeastern Ohio.

Designers say the flag was intended to show support for the police, but it became controversial.

Flag flies along nearby I-90 Officer David Fahey Was killed in 2017.

David Fahey

A friend flagged under a highway sign indicating that the I-90 stretch was named after it. David Fahey..

Now, I team Concerned that the flag had to go down, I found a big fire on social media.

Relatives and friends of the family say they were told by state agencies that they couldn’t raise the flag because of their dissatisfaction.

As of Wednesday morning, we still saw the flag there.

We are asking Ohio Department of Transportation To clarify what is happening with this.

Just a few weeks ago Sorong city In response to complaints of being “split”, he lowered the flag with a thin blue line.

But after the repulsion, Solon then Raise another flag Instead of the one that was demolished.

David Fahey He died in 2017 after being hit and run by I-90 and killed.The driver will eventually Went to jail..

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