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Cleveland police officers need to fill out a Use of Force report every time they use more than the minimum force, from pointing a gun at someone to tasting and shooting them. The Cleveland Scene obtained data on the use of force submitted by Cleveland officers in 2019 and 2020 after suing the city under the Public Records Act. This six-part series is based on what the data told us, and didn’t tell us.

1. About data

Check how the data was obtained and what it contains.

2. Police regularly point guns at people who are not resisting

The city’s consent decree with the Ministry of Justice states that police should give people the opportunity to arrest them before using force, such as pointing guns, but the scene says police aimed guns at those who did not. I found dozens of cases that I said resist. This included at least one man who wanted to “suicide by cop”, one unarmed homeowner who sounded a theft alert, and two or more who were asleep.

3. Use of unreported, unphotographed force

Sheen found many cases where police officers did not submit reports when needed, including several cases that led to complaints. Also, in 2020, police officers were unable to turn on their body cameras as expected, and dozens of times reported that they were accidentally disabled while using force.

4. Data and documents that are still difficult to obtain from the police

Despite public claims by police authorities to increase the transparency of the department, Sheen struggled to obtain a report on the use of city coercion. In fact, the Regional Police Commission called on judges to intervene to ensure that they had the data they needed to monitor the department under a consent decree.

5. Only 4% of executives reported using force more than three times a year.This officer reported 7 people

Police Officer Ryan Sauders submitted more use of force reports in 2019 and 2020 than anyone else in the sector. His report of coercion tastes a young man who has a limited understanding of English because he points his gun at a man hiding in a basement with a lampshade on his head and does not follow verbal instructions. That was included. Neither his use of force in 2019 and 2020 turned out to be outside the scope of the city’s policies.

6. Punishment for the rarity of excessive force, city data show

According to official reports, the city appears to be disciplining police for the use of improper force on a fairly regular basis. However, by requesting more information on these cases and cross-referencing the UOF report, disciplinary action, and minutes of the Civilian Police Review Board, the scene was disciplined for the use of excessive force by officers in 2019. I found two cases that were punished.

Cleveland Police Use of Force Data: What Is It, and What Does It Tell Us? Source link Cleveland Police Use of Force Data: What Is It, and What Does It Tell Us?

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