Cleveland public pools and spray basins open for the season today – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-12 08:50:30 –

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Cleveland (WJW)- Cleveland CityThe public outdoor pool and spray park will open on Saturday summer after being closed throughout 2020.

The location is open Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 7:30 pm. Open 7 days a week when temperatures exceed 85 degrees Celsius.

They work with limited capacity for COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Safety protocol.

Below is a list of pools and spray basins.

  • Arthur Johnston Spray Basin: East 147th Street and Seville Avenue
  • Crossburn Spray Basin: Crossburn Avenue west of West 130th Street
  • Dub Spray Basin: East 102nd Street and Dub Avenue
  • Easton Spray Basin: East 88th Street, South of Kinsman Road
  • Emery Spray Basin: West 130th Street, South of I-71
  • Fairview Spray Basin: West 38th Street and Frank Liboulevard
  • Forest Hills Park Pool: 12310 Arlington Avenue.
  • Gasaway Pool: 2306 East 100th St.
  • Goron Spray Basin: East 136th Street and Harvard Avenue
  • Glendale Park Pool: 3813 East 149th St.
  • Grant Spray Basin: East 39th Street and Central Avenue
  • Gourdina Spray Basin: East 61st Street and St. Clair Avenue
  • Greenwood Park Pool: 2220 West 38th St.
  • Groton Spray Basin: Groton Road south of Green Road
  • Halloran Park Pool and Spray Basin: 3550 West 117th St.
  • Herman Park Spray Basin: West 60th Street and Herman Avenue
  • Irma East Spray Basin: 74th Street and Irma Avenue
  • James Bellpool: 2280 East 71st St.
  • Ken Johnson Pool: 9206 Woodland Avenue.
  • Kerish Park Pool: 17218 Turkinton Avenue.
  • Lake Park Pool: 1341 West 85th St.
  • League Park Spray Basin: East 66th Street and Lexington Avenue
  • Lincoln Park Pool: 1200 Stark Weather Avenue.
  • Low Park Pool: 4741 West 32nd St.
  • Luke Easter Pool: 3165 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Mercedes Benz Toner Spray: West 95th Street, South of Denison Avenue
  • Meyer Pool: 3266 West 30th St.
  • Michael Zone Spray Basin: 6301 Lorain Ave.
  • Moulton / Scoutway Spray Basin: East 115th Street and Moulton Avenue
  • Nefpur: East 193rd Street and Bella Drive
  • RJ Taylor Spray Basin: Melville Road off Nottingham Road
  • Roberto Clemente Spray Basin: West 38th Street and Seymour Avenue
  • Rockefeller Park Spray Basin: East 105th Street and Martin Luther King Junior Drive
  • Sunrise Pool: 3521 West 95th St.
  • Trent Spray Basin: West 40th Street and Trent Avenue
  • Thromba Pool: 16411 Mandalay Avenue.
  • Warsaw Park Pool: 4021 East 64th St.

Cleveland public pools and spray basins open for the season today Source link Cleveland public pools and spray basins open for the season today

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