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Cleveland (WJW) – Cleveland City Hall Will have New recycling program It will go live in November.It’s 19 months later FOX 8I team clearly All the recycling collected in the city was dumped in landfills.

I-Team is investigating the city’s plans for the new program. The team found a new target date and new questions.

Last year, Team I revealed a secret that the city hall kept from taxpayers. As the city contract expired, the crew began sending all the recycled material they collected to the landfill.

The mayor’s office has been working on a renewal of the recycling program.

At a hearing on Thursday, city councilman Brian Kazy asked when the city was actually ready to stop dumping bottles, cans, and paper in landfills with regular trash.

“We expect to be in a position to recycle, perhaps in November, for all intents and purposes,” said Darnell Brown, chief operating officer of the city.

However, Team I discovered that the target date was not guaranteed. The city has not yet hired a person to oversee the recycling program and has not hired a company to carry the collected recycling.

In addition, residents have to register to take advantage of recycling, and the city is now open to residents.

Off the coast of East 65 Street, Kathi McDonald told us she signed up soon.

“I feel it’s important to recycle. You don’t have to throw all your trash into a landfill,” she said. “I was wondering why it took so long to do this. This is the city of Cleveland.”

The I-Team also called the city department about the new program, but the woman on the phone wasn’t ready to answer the question.

Taxpayers do not want any further delays.

The city hall has interviewed candidates to run the recycling program and said it plans to set up a private company by mid-October to carry the recycling.

However, in a way that this process is lagging behind, some councilors have already suspected that the program will resume by November.

Team I keeps an eye on all of this.

You can opt in to the recycling program here.

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