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Cleveland, Ohio 2022-05-13 19:06:30 –

Cleveland (WJW) – FOX 8 I-Team There is no suspicion, but the mystery surrounding the Cleveland teacher’s sex video has increased and has been sent to hundreds of students.

Cleveland police say the case is over and some big questions may not be answered.

Three months ago, Team I revealed a police investigation into a teacher at the Ginn Academy. The teacher had a personal sex video on his cell phone and somehow the video was sent to 200 students.

Since then, electronic trails have stalled and investigators have no idea how the video was shared with many children.

When the incident began, I-Team released a video of a police body camera. I was able to hear the manager telling the officers: Some people sent me a video. “

He added, “The question is, did she send the video, or how did the kids get it in the first place?”

The investigator determined that the teacher did not send the video. They also don’t believe the students did it. But then they couldn’t narrow it down further.

The first police report mentioned Airdrop. This is a feature that many people have in their mobile phones. With just a tap, someone can send a video to one or many people.

With a new development of the case, we tried to contact the teacher for comment. No one knocked on the door of the house answered and no phone message was returned.

At the beginning of the survey, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District placed teachers on paid leave.

On Friday, the district issued a statement that the internal review had not been completed. The statement states: “As with all personnel issues, the process is completed according to district policy and the applicable collective bargaining agreement. The process is not yet complete.”

We also confirmed with Ken Trump, the parent of Cleveland, who runs a school security consulting firm called National School Safety and Security Services.

“It’s your personal life. Keep it personal and don’t work in front of your children,” he said. “It may be a challenge to meet the criminal element to prosecute a crime. Unless the school district takes some action to hold the person responsible for bringing private life to a place accessible to children, I Is even more surprised. “

So what’s next to the police? According to the chief’s office, police have no further clues to the investigation.

Cleveland teacher sex video mystery may never be solved Source link Cleveland teacher sex video mystery may never be solved

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