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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-12-06 18:30:56 –

Cleveland (WJW) – FOX 8 I-Team I got videos and photos showing more reverse drivers on the local highway.

Two incidents occurred last weekend and Team I asked a new question about your safety.

Witness called 911 from Jennings Freeway early Saturday morning Cleveland, “There is a car going down the freeway in the opposite direction of the freeway.”

Video from Ohio Transport Bureau (ODOT) Highway cameras show that the reverse driver is barreling forward so that other traffic is out of the way.

Meanwhile, the photos just released to I-Team show that the driver is riding the shoreway the wrong way.

The driver was picked up by a sensor installed on the ramp to warn the police because there are so many reverse drivers out there.

Early Monday morning, 490 witnesses reported a reverse-way accident.

“When you turn around, there is a car driving in the wrong direction towards us,” she said.

The new case will be revealed weeks after the reverse driver caused a fatal crash on the I-90.

According to police, the driver recently ran away from the police and had an accident with the I-90 while heading in the wrong direction.

A few months ago, I-Team reported that ODOT was talking about the safety corridor of a local reverse-way driver. This is a plan for cameras and sensors on every ramp along the highway.

ODOT spokesman Matt Bruning said it was still working, but hasn’t made any progress yet.

“It certainly can happen in the next few years,” Bruning said. “The problem for us is not what to do when it comes to reverse drivers, but where to do it. So we are considering identifying the exit ramp.”

Stopping a reverse-way accident can be harder than you think. No driver was found found by the sensor coming up the shoreway off-ramp.

The 71 and 490 people called by witnesses were never found.

Just before Thanksgiving, I couldn’t find anything that was shot miles on the highway camera along 480.

Wrong-way drivers often turn around before police get there or get off the freeway. Police may not have a police officer nearby at that time, and the reverse driver will continue to move and disappear immediately.

A man accused of causing a recent false traffic accident on the shoreway is fighting his charges.

A fatal accident in September involving a reverse-way driver is still under investigation.

In recent cases, no one was seriously injured.

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