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Climate change causing young adults to question having kids – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Bethany Wilcox has always wanted a child.

“I’ve always wanted it, seeing how satisfied and fulfilling they were with raising my parents, my sister and me. I’ve always thought it was great,” Will said. Cox said.

That was what she was doing after regaining her composure with her partner. She’s at that stage of her life, but she’s scared when she thinks of having children. She’s worried that climate change will deprive her children of their ability to live their best lives. Yes.

“I’m no longer sure that a happy future can exist for everyone.”

Wilcox isn’t the only one feeling her. Dr. Sabrina HelmAn associate professor at the University of Arizona, he studies the role of climate change in reproductive decision-making.

“I’m generally very interested in the impact of climate change on people, especially those in the United States, on mental health,” said Dr. Helm.

Dr. Helm states that the three major concerns raised in her study are overconsumption, overpopulation and an uncertain future.

“What will happen to the Earth? Dr. Helm said.” What will the environment be like? And in this new world that everyone thinks may not be as beautiful as the world we see today. What does it mean to expose children? And it’s fair to bring them to the world. It may be tougher. “

Dr. Helm says these ideas have a negative impact on the mental health of adults in the parenting stage of life. Wilcox says he often hesitates to share his feelings on this topic because people can be very critical.

“Internet anonymity can sometimes make people terrible,” says Wilcox.

There is also social pressure to have children.

“In history, the main contribution women have made to society has been the ability to have children,” Wilcox said.

According to Dr. Helm, many of the people she interviewed in the survey did not feel that their fears and concerns were justified.

“The answer is always’change your mind’,’ regret later’, or’who will take care of you when you get older’,” Wilcox said.

Wilcox says that every time he thinks of having a child, it becomes much more difficult.

“It’s certainly a sad idea to think I can’t have children,” Wilcox said.

However, the idea of ​​having children is still on the table.

“Even if we decided we didn’t want to have children ourselves, we talked a lot about adoption. We have no hesitation in loving someone who is already here,” Wilcox said. ..

Dr. Helm says many of these concerns want their children to be the ones who make the difference. She also says there is a way to deal with if you feel that way.

“I’m trying to talk to others about what’s happening in the environment and find ways to help it at the political, community, and grassroots levels. These are all positive ways to make a difference and are usually Helps solve our mental problems. State. “

Climate change causing young adults to question having kids Source link Climate change causing young adults to question having kids

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