Climate Watchdog says the UK lacks a strategy to reach that goal.

An influential oversight group on Thursday said it was doing too little to carry out its ambitious commitment to tackle climate change.

The government has promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, but has taken some interim measures (such as tax incentives to reduce emissions) that are essential to achieving that goal. I couldn’t take it. Change.

“The problem was action and delivery wasn’t there yet,” said John Gammer, chairman of a committee funded by the British government to advise lawmakers on environmental policy.

Criticism may be offensive to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Johnson has made climate diplomacy leadership an important pillar of the post-Brexit UK he is trying to form.

Britain’s ambition to exert influence in this area will be exhibited later this year in Glasgow, Scotland, where Johnson is expected to chair an important international rally known as COP26. Climate agenda.

In 2019, Johnson sketched the vision of the “Green Industrial Revolution” in the UK and pledged to ban the sale of most new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. Created approximately 250,000 jobs in areas such as offshore wind, hydrogen and battery production.. The idea follows the law that established the 2050 Net Zero Oath, passed in 2019 before Johnson took office.

But on Thursday, the Commission said such pledges were “historical” but the government was terribly late in doing them well.

“We haven’t seen much since then,” Commission Chief Executive Officer Chris Stark said in an interview.

Commissions and environmentalists say the ongoing lack of follow-through makes it difficult for Johnson to convince other governments to take potentially painful steps to reduce emissions at the Climate Summit. Warned that there is a possibility of doing so.

“Everyone wants action and realization, not promises,” said former Cabinet Minister Gummer, a member of the Conservative Party as well as Johnson.

Unless the government makes a credible plan, he said, “the whole concept of Britain in the world being a leader would actually be undermined.”

In a report released Thursday, the Commission wrote that reaching Net Zero and the interim milestone would require what is called a major change in government behavior. In addition to tax incentives to accelerate spending cuts, the Commission has dedicated government spending to reduce emissions from industry, buildings and agriculture, and people and businesses by addressing climate change. Called for greater effort to point out the opportunities offered to.

So far, the author of the report wrote, “It’s hard to tell the comprehensive strategy of climate planning we’ve seen in the last 12 months.”

Analysts say criticism may urge the government to do more, especially when the Climate Summit comes.

Doug Parr, chief scientist at the environmental group Greenpeace UK, said the commission’s criticism would be “troublesome” for the government. “This year of all years, yes, that’s important,” he added.

The committee is influential because it is part of the credited legal framework UK achievements to date on climate.. In recent decades, the UK has been one of the world’s leaders in tackling climate change, reducing emissions by 40% between 1990 and 2019.

Many observers recognize the UK’s achievements in a 2008 law that set legally binding emission targets and established a committee to monitor progress and advise governments.

At the same time, many say it’s not surprising that the government is at a standstill at this point. The UK has previously opted for unruly results on climate change and is now facing more difficult hurdles to make further progress.

Most of the previous profits came from the power sector. The UK has replaced most of its polluted coal-fired generators with natural gas-fueled power plants, and more recently with renewable sources. North Sea with wind turbines..

Analysts say it’s relatively easy to reduce the carbon in electricity because consumers don’t see any real change when they switch on the lamp. Future advances may require more cumbersome and costly measures, such as replacing natural gas heating systems with equipment called heat pumps and extensive home refurbishment with insulation.

Nick Mabey, Chief Executive Officer of E3G, an environmental group, said:

Climate Watchdog says the UK lacks a strategy to reach that goal.

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