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Closing arguments begin in trial of two SLMPD officers | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-06-15 15:34:00 –

ST. LOUIS ( details of the charges faced by the two defendants are important in understanding the case, and specifically the closing arguments of both parties. Boone has been charged with betting in support of Luther Hall’s deprivation of civil rights. Specifically, it knows that his alleged actions not only deprived the hall of the right to be released from unjust seizure through the use of unjust force, but also the deprivation of those rights. It means that you were, or knew what would happen, and acted deliberately at the end.

ST. Louis ( expected final day of the Christopher Myers and Dustin trial …

In essence, Boone knew he was participating in an illegal arrest at the time and had to continue to participate anyway.

Intention is also important when it comes to the allegations that Myers are facing. First, the government must go beyond reasonable doubt to prove that he acted to destroy the phone, or did damage with the intention of destroying it. Second, and most importantly, they must prove that he did so with the specific intention of interfering with the investigation. For the charges to apply, he would have had to know that an investigation would take place at the moment allegedly damaged the phone.

As the trial of Christopher Myers and Dustin Boon entered the second week, the prosecution again focused on videos of Hall’s first moment of assault and photographs of scenes taken by journalists.

Rosenblum makes closing arguments

Myers lawyer Scott Rosenberg said he would begin closing arguments.

He soon began trying to puncture the prosecution’s allegations, and although they may have a theory of what happened, “we do not theorize people into prison.

“All speculation. It’s not proof,” he said. “Evidence is testimony, an exhibit, not speculation,” he said. “It’s not some theory because there is no evidence.”

He told FBI analysts that he couldn’t tell clearly what broke the phone screen, whether it was a baton or an asp, or whether it happened when the baton stepped on it. Did. He also said no outside experts were called in to testify what happened when the audio in the video was cut after it looked like a baton strike from Randy Hayes. ..

After that, Rosenblum turned to intent. He reiterated that the phone was still working after the assault, and in fact Hall was able to upload a video of the night he shot and send a text message from the phone.

“Destroying it is not a very good job,” he said.

Rosenblum repeatedly picked up the phone from Myers, but noticed that it was bloody and threw it back to the ground at the scene.

“If this young man decided to destroy the phone at that moment, wouldn’t he have come up with a better plan?” Rosenbram asked.

He then asked the jury to consider how Myers knew the moment it was the hall phone, and how he knew what happened to it.

During the trial, the defense spent a very long time asking all police officers on the scene that night if they believed it was a legitimate arrest at the time. All of them agreed, and the police on the scene never believed that something illegal had happened at that moment, as it was the hypothesis from the police that Hall resisted the arrest. He would later say that even Haze, who finally pleaded guilty, did not wait more than a year to say that it was an illegal arrest.

“Do you want them to believe that Christopher Myers is the only man on the planet who was thinking of some sort of investigation at that moment?” He said, “120 interviews and everyone sees. Did not [strike the phone]?? It just didn’t happen. “

He also returned to the claim that Myers returned the phone to Hall’s backpack, and when he saw Myers talking to Hall using photos, he showed that the phone no longer existed after that dialogue. , Pointing to testimony from another officer. I saw Myers open the backpack in the hall.

Regarding the new evidence, Rosenbram said the prosecution introduced items that he believed served only in Myers’ defense.

“I’m glad they did,” he said, facing someone with a camera at the scene of the shooting that Myers reported, and later covering his badge when he smoked YouTube. I talked about a concrete introduction to the video. Defenders have shown that Myers has a pattern of hiding evidence, but other police officers present during the video do not know who the police officers are shooting them for and for what purpose. He testified that he was often worried when filmed in public. Safety concerns. He also said that the area where they were filmed was not a particularly safe area. Rosenbram believed that the video proved that the context was very important, and said the video did nothing to talk about Myers’ guilt.

“It’s their big incident, it’s their big exposure,” Rosenbram said of the video. “When there is nothing else, that is what you start to present.”

He said that establishing the importance of context also helped explain Myers’ text messages, ” [a–]As a general expression similar to “Kick your ass” or as a term for “Lara”. He also argued that Myers’ message about pondering the apology to Hall did not indicate cheating, as many police officers would apologize. They were near the arrest because they were sick of what happened to their fellow police officers.

Government makes closing argument

US deputy lawyer Carrie Constantine began her closing argument by pointing out the violence in the arrest of Hall and the use of batons in the assault of Hall and proving that the deprivation of civil rights had occurred.

“Luther Hall was clearly a victim of unjustified force and therefore a victim of unjustified seizure. He did not commit the crime, did not match the criminal suspect’s explanation, and resisted arrest. It wasn’t, “she said. “No officer would have considered the beating he made reasonable, even with minimal training.”

By proving that the deprivation charge had taken place, she moved to Boon’s role and explained how aid and betting responsibilities were applied. Constantine claimed that Boone could see Hall being beaten with a baton, which would obviously mean he knew that the arrest was not legal.

“He would have been able to turn around and leave, he would not have been able to participate in the action,” she said.

Instead, she said, Boon pushed down the hall until he was cuffed. She also said that some of the indictments demanded that the prosecutor prove Boone and acted deliberately for bad purposes. To this end, she pointed out the text Boone sent about beating the protesters, his message talking about previous acts of violence against the suspect, and the use of racist language. All of this portrays officers who are willing to commit violence outside of reasonable power, perhaps hostility to black suspects, she said.

Officer testimony continued on Friday when Sergeant Joseph Marcantano stood up on the night of his arrest, especially to recall the actions of Christopher Myers.

She also picked out Boon’s response to his father’s text, which he said “must have put a pretty good hoop on the hall,” and Boon said, “Yes, unfortunately I’m very proud. It’s not a thing, “Boon responded with a long apology text to Hall.

For Myers, she again turned to a story investigator who believed in what happened to Hall’s phone. According to the investigator, the phone was on the camera side and bumped into something. It believes they are asps (aluminum rods with small metal spheres on the ends). They say that the moment the phone is temporarily darkened, a pale black shadow that matches the shape of the asp is seen. They believe that the asp strike turned the phone over and Christopher Myers was seen standing on the camera after the turn over. They also used photos to show that Myers carried the asp that night and had it during the time the hall was assaulted, and then cleaned it up.

She also said that the time of the video where Myers was seen coincided with the time frame when the hall was being beaten, and the presence of the electric box in the video where Myers was seen was enough to see what he was doing. To the hall that said it meant being close.

Eight seconds after I heard a policeman telling the hall, “Show me your hand!” Myers appears in the video looking down on the phone.

Regarding his intentions, Constantine assumes that there is an investigation that the suspect was beaten, as Myers approached the assault and the time stamp in the video meant he saw what happened to the hall. Said.

“Why is he breaking the phone? He was literally a foot and three inches away, so it’s not that he didn’t know what was going on,” she said.

Constantine also pointed out the fact that Myers “ridiculously” removed the battery from the Hall’s camera. He believed it was a memory card. The government claims that the action speaks to his intention to erase evidence of assault.

“The timeline put Boone in the hall assault and held him down, the timeline put Myers in the hall assault and the phone was damaged,” she said.

Then she returned to the texts from both men. “I’m looking forward to hitting him,” Boone said. [sh——s] When the sun goes down and no one can distinguish us, “and when Myers says,” I’m alive for this for some illness. “

“These are the attitudes of two men who have been working for less than two years. [at the time], “She said,” I’m not professional and I don’t respect the law. “

Constantine contrasted their actions with Hall. She praised Hall for wanting to return to work after his attack. She concludes by saying that the actions of Boone and Myers make the job of a “good” police officer difficult.

Closing arguments begin in trial of two SLMPD officers | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Closing arguments begin in trial of two SLMPD officers | St. Louis News Headlines

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