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Cars are almost indiscriminately banned from using the Mississippi Burboulevard to the south of St. Paul from Pelham Boulevard to Ford Parkway until mid-July. Bicycles and pedestrians already have their own lanes, paths and bollards, but Mayor Melvin Carter wants to encourage greater green awareness. If you go out on the street like 2 years old, social distance will be easier.

Carter also closed other city park roads, East Como Lake Drive in Como Park, East Shore Drive in Farren Park, and Cherokee Heights Boulevard between Baker Street and Annapolis Street in Cherokee Park during the same high summer months. If you and Ma want to bring out the old LaSalle for a summer spin, check out the local list. I was able to find myself tall and dry in the middle of a ferocious cyclist in tight shorts and jerseys labeled by the Italian Olive Oil Company.

Of course, technically, Carter doesn’t ban your car. If you want to go from point A to point B, you certainly have the right to find a route. It’s even more in that he decides at a particular time and place that you may be just a little inconvenient for a better physical fitness and a cleaner planet.

fair enough.

Let’s look at the other side of transport through the same lens. Not surprisingly, Metro Transit needs Hennepin and Ramsey counties to occupy 31% of the Green Line’s $ 44.7 million budget. Means taxpayer. The Green Line doesn’t make money. Do not have. never. Since its opening in June 2014, the champions have seen quaint Belgian villages connected by train. The day it started, it didn’t help that we had what was called a 100-year rain event. You might say that the god of traffic, the bruised claws, reached out of the clouds and people made a big and expensive mistake.

The problem with the salon people is that they can’t admit that they made a mistake. They cannot reduce their losses. They are so wasteful that they can’t pinch their tails between their legs.

Even before George Floyd’s summer and vehicle-killing pandemic, the Green Line was contaminated with crime and life on the station platform provided daily news videos of life in the real big cities of Chicago and New York. did. Only that was here. The Green Line was a mess of ridicule and pickpocketing, assault and fighting.

And now about numbers.

“In most of the three-quarters of 2020” Wes Kooistra, General Manager of Metro Transit, was recently quoted in Pioneer Press.“We lost about 65% on buses, 75% on light rail, and 95% on commuter trains.”

Metro Transit has received and applied for at least $ 725.5 million since March 2020 and is primarily federally funded.

If you can close the parkway, why can’t you close the train? Mothball the entire fleet until the pandemic is over and the crime is gone. It never happens. So how about reducing the number of cars on the railroad tracks? They are not full. Alternatively, limit the days when the train actually operates. Reduce the number of daily train runs. Metro Transit can be difficult to tell the general public who finds it inconvenient.

At the very least, you should try to re-schedule the train to make it the most economically meaningful train in the current situation. Instead, it keeps running as if it were necessary and essential. By definition, that’s not the case.

I can’t afford this.

Closing roads? OK, let’s look at light rail through the same lens. – Twin Cities Source link Closing roads? OK, let’s look at light rail through the same lens. – Twin Cities

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