Cloudy, damp conditions through the holiday – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-05-31 07:10:57 –

The Storm Tracker Radar is active this morning, with a shower and some thunder roars embedded in it. This activity slowly progresses east throughout the day.

Cloudy and damp conditions are cooler than the 1960s average. There may be some spots that aren’t in time for the 50’s.

No bad weather is expected today, but there are concerns about minor floods. Some showers can sometimes be heavy. With stable rain, it can rain as many as an inch, but most of it will fall today. Carefully monitor lowland, flood-prone areas. Flood alerts are valid until 7 am on the Oklahoma Panhandle.

As the star system in the region continues to head east, it is possible that some rain will occur by Tuesday, but the possibility of rain after today is not very promising.

Clouds will begin to head west tomorrow, and by Wednesday they will begin to break in Central Kansas.

As the conditions dry from the middle to the second half of the week, the high temperatures gradually return to their normal 80 degrees.

Over the weekend, the sky will begin to become unstable again. So far, rain and thunderstorms seem unlikely, but if you have a weekend plan, it’s still worth watching.

Cloudy, damp conditions through the holiday Source link Cloudy, damp conditions through the holiday

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