Cluster of breakthrough COVID cases affects Nantucket restaurant Millie’s – Boston, Massachusetts

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Nearly 30 employees chose to resign following a positive case.

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As a breakthrough COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Cases continue to grow nationwide, and Nantucket restaurants have experienced their own case group during the week.

Eaghmon Banks, Chief Operating Officer Georgetown event, Five fully vaccinated employees at the company’s Nantucket restaurant Millies, Recently tested positive for coronavirus. One employee tested positive on July 25 and immediately entered quarantine. The company learned on August 1 that four more employees were positive.

In response, Millies provided the remaining 62 employees with COVID-19 antigen testing on Sunday. All tests have returned to negative.

“We have a 100 percent vaccination rate,” Banks told “That’s a requirement of our company. There was a deadline of June 10th. Without vaccination, no one in the company could work.”

Millie’s employees are also required to have masks both indoors and outdoors, and a temperature check is performed before each employee begins the shift.

Still, the incident cluster urged several Millie employees to resign. The bank said the number of employees who resigned following a positive case is now about 28, but he said several people have asked them to get their jobs back.

according to Nantucket MagazineOne of the former employees was “critical about how to deal with Millie’s situation,” while another left the restaurant two weeks earlier “because there was no risk of getting sick.” The bank said those who left Millies were “not in a bad relationship with us as far as we are concerned” and that many of them were scheduled to leave at the end of July or the end of the season.

“Some people came and told us, we’re not worth the risk of getting someone sick,” he said. “Someone was a server, got a scholarship and started in two weeks. There is no risk of getting tired of the scholarship. Absolutely said …. Most people [who quit] — Currently up to 28 — Completed by August 15th. They didn’t think it was worth the risk of staying and working, or they didn’t want to continue working. “

Millie’s did not close the restaurant due to a positive case. Marisa Casey, CEO of Georgetown Events, said the team contacted the Nantucket Department of Health on August 1.

“On the morning of August 2, we talked to Jericomere, Human Services Director in the town of Nantucket, about the groundbreaking case of COVID-19 and its subsequent handling of messaging, quarantine, testing and preventive measures,” Casey said. Stated in a statement. “Mr. Mele praised our vaccine mission and process, went” beyond “by following the CDC exposure guidelines, agreed with the timing of our approach, and was pleased with the subsequent employee testing. I believe. He didn’t recommend us closing the restaurant. “

Mele did not immediately respond to’s request for comment.

While some restaurants are starting to implement Proof of vaccination obligation For guests, Banks said the Georgetown event has not made that decision for Millies. But he’s not sure if they’ll keep the dining room upstairs in the restaurant open, and he’s not sure there’s still a conversation about additional safety procedures.

“There have been a lot of things in the last year and a half. What do people want you to do, what is the guidance, and what do everyone think?” The bank said. “We have crossed the line of not wanting to be too conservative but not endangering people. How can we do that and do what we are ethically and morally right about? Can you know? “

Cluster of breakthrough COVID cases affects Nantucket restaurant Millie’s Source link Cluster of breakthrough COVID cases affects Nantucket restaurant Millie’s

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