CNN’s Chris Cuomo appears in a report on Governor Cuomo’s actions

New details about Star CNN Anchor’s involvement in shaping Chris Cuomo’s strategic response to his brother’s allegations were revealed on Tuesday, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Sexual harassment at work in New York.

Chris Cuomo was identified in a report by New York Attorney General Letitia James as an ongoing participant in a strategic call with Governor Cuomo’s inner circle. The group was explained to investigators by the governor’s senior adviser, Richard Azzopardi, as “people we can trust and have been with us for a long time.”

One document included in the report shows Chris Cuomo joining the email chain on February 28, when the group drafted a formal official statement by Governor Cuomo.statement Issued by Governor’s office later that day. Chris Cuomo seemed to emphasize the wording of the statement, but it was unclear if he wrote it.

Chris Cuomo was also interviewed by a researcher at James’ office as part of the report’s preparation.

CNN did not make an immediate comment on Tuesday.

Chris Cuomo Apologies to CNN viewers In May, it was a clear breach of the traditional ethical barrier between journalists and lawmakers when it was revealed that he had provided political advice to his brother. Anchor, whose 9 pm show is CNN’s top-rated show, called his actions “mistakes,” but he also described himself as “family first, work second.”

CNN did not discipline the anchor. The network called Chris Cuomo’s actions “inappropriate” and issued a statement stating that he had previously banned him from reporting news articles about his brother.

However, in the early days of the pandemic, Governor Cuomo frequently participated in his brother’s CNN program as a guest, especially after Chris Cuomo, 13 years younger than Governor. Coronavirus positive.. Anchor on-air interview with his brother, Chris Cuomo’s isolation in the basement of his parents’ home, riveted the viewer. Was praised by Jeff Zucker, President of CNN.

On Tuesday, CNN aired coverage of Mr. James’ report, and the network carried the response aired on Governor Cuomo’s television. At some point, CNN anchor John King admitted that a brief statement to viewers involved colleagues in his network.

“I want to keep a record of this,” King said at the noon show. “Many people know this, but the governor’s brother, Chris, works as an anchor here at CNN. Reach out to talk to his brother as the crisis progresses. As someone, it should be noted that he was interviewed as part of this report. “

CNN’s Chris Cuomo appears in a report on Governor Cuomo’s actions

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