Coast Guard establishes recruitment team to deal with struggling numbers

The Coast Guard has been struggling for recruits for the past few years. The status of COVID-19 may help maintain, but the service still needs to fill that hole.

To that end, the Coast Guard announced last month that it would begin recruiting corps in the hope of attracting people interested in graduating directly from college and becoming officers.

“Other services have the ability to use officers to recruit officers,” Richter Tipton, commander of the Coast Guard Recruitment Command, told the Federal News Network. “We use the enlisted corps for the enlisted members, but we were trying to find a way to bring the officers with our officers. Our Deputy Commander and I Our commander immediately saw the benefits of this program and approved the release of five billets. “

Four of the officers are assigned to specific areas and one oversees them.

“There are some great schools that aren’t near the Coast Guard. We were a small service,” Cmdr said. Andrea Smith, Executive Officer of the Coast Guard Recruitment Command. “Recruitment forces allow us to build and maintain great relationships with those schools. Their graduates and students understand who we serve and make us future. You can think of it as an employer. It takes a lot of work and time to build this kind of relationship and get people to see us as an organization. “

Billets will be located in Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Hampton Road, Virginia. This service plans to extend the program over time.

Mr Smith said executives will move between local schools, with a particular focus on hiring new executives. The corps enters classes, builds personal relationships, and participates in local organizations.

“We take potential applicants to several AirStations, what it’s like to be a pilot in any sector, what it’s like to be a preventative officer. I hope you have the opportunity to know, or the person responsible for the response, “said Smith.

The corps works by recruiting people into executive candidate schools, direct committee officer programs, and university pre-consignment programs that streamline the officer selection process.

The Coast Guard recruitment has declined recently.

Admiral Carl Schurz, Coast Guard Secretary, said Wednesday that service has been lacking for about 3,500 recruits annually over the past few years.

This year, the service seeks to attract 4,000 recruits, including about 500 or 600 reserves.

“We can’t reach that 4,000 goal this year, but we’re telling you we’re rallying over 2,500,” Schultz said. “If we can do that, given the training challenges at COVID-19, it’s been a pretty successful year and we’re just going to keep the gas.”

Due to economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus, service retention remains high and continues to grow.

According to Tipton, the Coast Guard is particularly interested in hiring people with a STEM background, but is looking for people with the entire package.

Mr Tipton said recruiters should be ready when the school returns to full capacity after the pandemic begins to decline.

“COVID is not an eternal issue,” he said. “When the COVID is lifted, when school is reopened, and when we meet again, we expect to be standing at the door ready to build a relationship. We are ready to find the people we need and take them to the Coast Guard. We feel it’s time to prepare for the end of this pandemic. “

Coast Guard establishes recruitment team to deal with struggling numbers

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