Coast guard rescues 7 from disabled yacht – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2022-05-10 00:52:02 –

Yacht disabled more than 20 miles from the Washington coast

Seattle, WA (KOIN) — More than 20 miles from the Washington coast, seven people were rescued by the Coast Guard over the weekend after the 143-foot yacht they were riding became unavailable.

Around 6 am on Saturday, a Coast Guard Columbia River Command observer received a radiotelephone from the yacht crew and said the boat was on the water because the transform door did not open and close. ..

The yacht crew also engaged in the engine room fire extinguishing system after seeing smoke when the ship became unusable. To maintain communication, the crew powered the emergency battery.

The crew of the MH-60 helicopter was the first site and reported that there were no medical concerns or yacht contamination of the crew. The lifeboat crew arrived shortly later to provide additional support.

Because the size of the yacht exceeded the towing capacity of the lifeboat, a 210-foot durable medical cutter called the Coast Guard Cutter Active was sent to the area.

When the cutter arrived at the scene around 2:30 pm, the crew was able to put the yacht on the tow truck at the stern and all crew from the yacht were able to switch to the cutter. The Coast Guard Cutter Active crew began towing the ship towards the entrance to the Juandefka Strait.

After nearly 24 hours of transportation, the cutter transferred the tow to a commercial tugboat near Nea Bay. The commercial tugboat will tow the yacht to a repairable Port Angeles Shipyard.

You can find a video of a yacht sinking into the sea Here.

Coast guard rescues 7 from disabled yacht Source link Coast guard rescues 7 from disabled yacht

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