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“Donating to help others live” is the mission and great responsibility of the Coastal Bend Blood Center, but hundreds of local students are responding to that call.

Corpus Christi, Texas — Our mission is to “give others to live” Coastal Bend Blood Center. It’s a big responsibility, but hundreds of local high school students are responding to that call.

The call for action was fully exhibited at Corpus Christi’s Mansion Royal on Tuesday morning. Corpus Christi hosts the annual High School Heroes Awards Luncheon and is finally back in full in 2019.

Ashley Ramirez, Head of Public Relations for the Center, said: “To be able to recognize them, let them know how grateful they are, and give them the recognition they deserve.”

According to the center, 10,583 units of life-saving blood were collected this year on behalf of a local high school for patients with coastal bends. For Ramirez, the term “hero” is no longer appropriate.

“That’s exactly what they are, and the individuals, high school students, people in the chairs, and nurses here are exactly that. They are the heroes of our community,” Ramirez said.

“They spend their time volunteering and going back and forth to ensure they get as much blood donation as possible to the blood centers in our community. That’s all. So we give back and recognize them. If I have a chance to do it, I will do it. “

One of those young heroes recognized on Tuesday was Avica Burrill, a senior at Port Aranthus High School. Burrill was awarded the Outstanding Hero Award for her involvement in the NHS branch of her school, organizing her blood donations, and recruiting fellow students to volunteer.

“It was an honor to be part of this. Look at all the other high schools and see that many other kids have the same kind of goals that will help them change the community for the better. Was really cool. It’s very exciting. “Ballil said.

She will attend the University of Texas at Austin to study international affairs. She shared that her service and leadership experience gained at Port Aranthus High School looks forward to spending time with her in the new and exciting chapters of her life.

“Evaluating our service to ourselves is very important to me,” Burrill said.

The winners of this year by category are:

1st place: Tuloso-Midway Academic Career Center

2nd place: Benavides Secondary

3rd place: Por Vida Academy

Honorable Mention: Annapolis Christian Academy

3rd place: Incarnate Word Academy

Honorable Mention: Agua Dulce

Honorable Mention: Mathis

3rd place: Rockport-Fulton

Honorable Mention: Karalen

1st place: Veterans Memorial Hall

2nd place: Gregory-Portland

Honorable Mention: Foy H. Moody

Top Recruiter: Emily Thamaravelil (GP-ISD)

Top donor: Michael Nesbitt (GP-ISD)

Laptop Winner: Gavin Henkaus (Rockport-Fulton)

Featured stock: Faculty of Science and Engineering

Charles Gubitoshi Outstanding High School Hero Award:

1A Division: Marina Moreno (Tuloso-Midway Academic Career Center)

2A Division: Avica Burrill (Port Aranthus High School)

3A Division: Norysah Tanguma (San Diego High School)

4A Division: Kelsey Polasek & Jamie Whitley (Rockport-Fulton)

5A Division: Rebecca Tietze (Gregory Portland)

This year’s high school nurse: Deeann Elizondo & Whitney Rodriguez (Gregory-Portland)

This year’s chairman: Lacy McCombs (Ingleside)

TV-3 congratulates all the winners this year.

Coastal Bend Blood Center honors top area high school blood donors, school blood drives Source link Coastal Bend Blood Center honors top area high school blood donors, school blood drives

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