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Maintaining your garden and avoiding standing water is essential at this time of the year. Only a glass of water can hold up to 300 mosquito eggs.

Corpus Christi, Texas — When the hurricane season begins, residents are usually ready to see more rain and mosquitoes.However Corpus Christi City Instead of reacting to mosquito populations, we are taking a more aggressive approach.

Corpus Christi Animal Care Service Director Joel Skidmore has been monitoring mosquito populations since March. “No mosquito outbreaks were actually seen,” he said. “This is great. There was rain, but this usually indicates a mosquito outbreak.”

Active control of mosquito populations means that everyone needs to play their part. “There are a lot of things we ask the public to do to prevent a significant increase in mosquitoes. It’s mowing high grass. I want to stay there,” Skidmore said.

Chief hunter Corpus Christi’s Mosquito Hunter Lauren Harris reflects this feeling. She said maintaining your garden is essential at this time of the year and strategies will vary from house to house.

“If you have shrubs, trees, and water, you can have far more mosquitoes than your mosquito-free neighbors in your yard,” Harris explained. “The only reason they have them is because it’s been raining lately.”

Harris told 3NEWS that standing water was his number one enemy. “Check the gutters. If the gutters are clogged, the accumulated water will collect. You can put up to 300 mosquito eggs in just a glass of water from the water bottle.” She added.

When their eggs hatch, they feed on the nectar underneath the hardwood, which gives them the energy to rapidly regrow. “I’m using a backpack blower with mist,” says Harris. “They can actually go under the underside of the leaves, so only those with hoses and pump atomizers have a big advantage.”

That method may not yet be necessary for many. Skidmore said the coastal bend situation looks good so far, as each of the known breeding grounds has not recorded high concentrations.

“I have daily meetings with patrol officers and they report that they are back and everything is going well,” he explained. “You may see one or two, but nothing has increased to the point where you need to start spraying.”

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