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Riverside, California 2021-04-04 23:30:10 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Immediately after the pandemic began, neighbors began looking for ways to help each other. A local woman continues to offer “love blankets”.

Maria Martinez uses her crochet skills to use one stitch at a time.

“Get up, wash your face, wash your teeth, drink coffee, feed your kittens and get a little straight. Then come here, sit down, watch TV and crochet. I’ll start, all day long, “Martinez said.

“I know I’m doing something to help someone. That’s my reward. It’s knowing that God blessed me with this gift.”

Martinez first donated blankets, hats and board games to Doris Col Children’s Hospital, but after the pandemic began, she added her local nursing home to the list.

“Many of your older people like color, women like purple, and men like either gray or blue,” Martinez said. “So, at my last nursing home, I made a light word like about four blankets, the color of the Dallas Cowboys. I made it in silver and blue.”

After preparing hundreds of crochet treasures, she is now seeking help with donating materials.

“I’m excited because I’ve had one woman who ordered through Amazon and said that the thread will arrive here on Monday,” says Martinez.

“I feel I have received this gift. Would you like to make it work? The community knows something to help them and do something.”

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Coastal Bend women crocheting ‘blankets of love’ Source link Coastal Bend women crocheting ‘blankets of love’

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