Coca-Cola spends time on the iconic diet soda tab

Coca-Cola is taking their beloved diet soda off the market, as Tabaholics across the United States have long feared. Decades after the popularity of saccharin-sweetened soda has diminished, the few Americans who continue to buy tabs need to taste their last bite right away.

Beverage giants announced Thursday that they would discontinue tabs, along with another unprofitable beverage, Zico Coconut Water. Coca-Cola unplugs tabs after the company announced in September that it would cut more than half of its 500 brands. August, Coca-Cola Reduce thousands of employees..

Coca-Cola’s first “diet” soft drink, Tab, was launched in 1963 and has become a sort of icon in the years that followed. However, sales began to decline after the launch of Diet Coke in 1982.

Since then, Tab has maintained “small but loyal supporters over the last few decades,” mainly among consumers who grew up with the brand, Coca-Cola said.


Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola North, Diet Coke, Group Director and Kericop said: The United States said in a statement. “Without tabs, there is no diet cola or cola zero sugar.”

These words may provide some comfort to the operators and followers of the diet soft drink fan website “I LoveTab”. This website tracks the availability of drinks and cultural references to tabs. A September post warned followers that this product was recently discovered in Long Island, NY.

For the younger generation, who may or may not know the existence of tabs, one of those cultural references is Marty McFly’s tab in the 50’s canteen of the movie “Back to the Future.” I came when I ordered.

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