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NSThe woman in a white mask is a very graceful host, hugging and hugging her companions, writing a compassionate little post-it, and celebrating her set with her special attention.This is not the only gathering of social celebrities over canapés, but a trial of child sexual abuse, her friends are flashy lawyers, and those who once served her and her ex-girlfriends Jeffrey Epstein, Body and soul do not seem to feel mwah-mwah.

Welcome to a cocktail party from hell, or to give the minutes a proper name United States v Ghislaine Maxwell.. Performed in a magnificent US Federal Court building in half-empty Manhattan, this study is terribly fascinating if you’re on the defending side with false memory syndrome and gold digger.

Or, in favor of the prosecution, power and money robbed a series of victims (each with more children than females) innocence and almost fled. Probably until now.

Bobby Sternheim, Maxwell’s defense lawyer, grabbed the best ginger in the first match and made the prosecution sick of nonsense. … she’s different Jeffrey Epstein.. She’s not like Jeffrey Epstein. “

Her lawyer is excellent. They stride well for the large amount of money she is paying them. The prosecution is young, pale, pale, mostly female. Their prose is flatter.

Here’s the inside story of the trial to set the scene. Maxwell is the daughter of the late Robert Maxwell – a crazy, rich, monster who abused everyone around him, including his ninth child, Guillene.

Robert Maxwell fell from his yacht, Lady Guillene, on November 5, 1991. Disgrace continued when it was revealed that the big guy had stolen about £ 400 million from Miller Group pensioners.

Overnight, Maxwell lost access to private jets, helicopters, limousines, and luxury dinner parties.She ran away from london New York And I found Epstein. He was the second monster in her life. She got it all back – a gorgeous dinner party with private jets, helicopters, limousines, and Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. And in return, all she had to do was find him a fresh child.

Court sketch of Maxwell converted with lawyer Bobby Sternheim. Photo: Jane Rosenberg / Reuters

Maxwell loved Epstein from the time he first met in 1991 until the split in the late 1990s, but she continued his life for the next few years. The last known photo of the two together is 2005.

rear Epstein committed suicide in prison in 2019, She ran down the hill to avoid prying media, her friend said.To US authorities, she was hiding from them, and almost a year later, they made her New Hampshire..

She has been awaiting trial in a 6ft x 9ft cell in prison for over 500 days, with lights on, peepholes clicking every 15 minutes, and no one in mwah-mwah.

Was Maxwell a maid of child sexual abuse? Her defense is both that she didn’t know what was happening and that it didn’t happen at all.

The first witness to the prosecution’s case was Epstein’s pilot, Larry Visoski. He came with me loud, remembering prominent passengers such as Andrew Windsor, Bill Clinton, astronaut John Glenn, and actor Kevin Spacey.

Visoski said his answer was quite clever, saying that he had no signs of sexual abuse or its signs. However, the man who flew the Boeing called “Lolita Express” said he saw two very young women at Epstein and Maxwell’s company. One of them is Virginia Roberts. She was 17 years old in 2001. Taken by Epstein Next to Maxwell and Windsor, In London, his arms around her bare waist. Windsor is also known as Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Roberts (now Virginia Roberts Giuffre) will not be a witness in this case, nor will Windsor be prosecuted.

The second very young female identified by the pilot was the next witness. Anonymized as “Jane”.. Even now, more than 20 years later, she is a woman of stunning beauty and graceful separation. Her proof was that she first met Epstein and Maxwell in the summer of 1994 when she was eating ice cream at a holiday camp in Michigan.

Her father died the previous year, her family was poor, and her relationship with her mourning mother was in trouble. She lived in Palm Beach, the land of Trailer Park. Maxwell and Epstein were also happy by chance because they had a home on Palm Beach, where wealthy people live. Maxwell played the role of “sister,” took her to the movies, went swimming with her in Epstein’s pool, joked about sex, and asked Jane if she had a boyfriend.

Shameful tycoon Robert Maxwell and his family, young Guillene, sat on his mother Elizabeth's lap.
Shameful tycoon Robert Maxwell and his family. The young Guillene was sitting on her mother Elizabeth’s lap. Photo: Daily Mail / Shutterstock

Immediately Epstein made his move: “He pulled me over himself and began masturbating on me. I was frightened, terrible, and embarrassed. She was 14 years old.

Jane acted as she was told to be guided by what sounds like a child’s sexual cult to me. She said Maxwell and Epstein would climb the circular stairs in the Palm Beach house to show how Epstein likes to be massaged. Maxwell occasionally touched her breasts, Jane said: “I felt embarrassed.”

As Jane said, Maxwell was restless, putting on and taking off reading glasses, leaning forward and handing Post-it to a lawyer.

Then it was their turn to pull the wings away from this nasty butterfly. They say Jane and the other whistleblowers received a large amount of money from a $ 121 million (£ 90 million) fund established by Epstein’s property to compensate the victims. Sternheim called Jane a “very successful actress” and never accused Maxwell of cheating before Epstein’s death.

When Maxwell’s lawyer, Laura Menninger, asked her family and close friends if she had talked about alleged Maxwell’s sexual abuse, Jane said: I was very reluctant to give details. I didn’t want to share it with them in the first place. “Memory is not linear,” said Jane, who was challenged by the defense team as to why the memory of Maxwell’s abuse occurred only after Epstein’s death. Jane is a famous actor in American soap opera. Menninger asked Jane: “The actor plays the role of a fictional character … is he taking the lines borrowed from the writer?” “Yes,” Jane said.

Meninger asked if Jane played a serial killer, an overly protective mother, a car accident victim, or someone stalked by a prostitute. “It’s not my favorite storyline,” Jane replied badly.

Towards the end of the hours of cross-examination, Jane seemed to retire to herself. She kept saying “I can’t remember” as if she was being tortured, and just wanted to end it. Finally, she was once again challenged for the $ 5 million she earned from Epstein’s real estate. She replied, “I wish I hadn’t received the money in the first place.” She was crying.

Jane’s story is completely convincing to all the reporters I’ve spoken about someone who won’t tell the authorities until it’s too late for fear of falling with her mother by making her family’s name unpopular. I was impressed as a thing. That doesn’t mean that what she’s saying isn’t true, but that there was a very good reason she didn’t go there. Still, the appearance of her withdrawal to herself on the second day would have been considered a “victory” by defense.

The third witness was Jane’s ex-boyfriend, Matt, who backed up her story. The fourth witness was Butler Juan Alessi.

He worked in a Palm Beach house from 1990 to 2002 with a thick, crouching rubber ball in a black suit, a yellow tie, and a gray suit. And scores of other very young women over the years.He said Maxwell told him: “Mr. Epstein I saw it with his eyes. Never look in his eyes, look elsewhere in the room and answer him. “

Jeffrey Epstein.
“Never look in his eyes,” Maxwell told Epstein’s butler. Photo: AP

Alessi said Maxwell introduced a 58-page booklet entitled “Home Manual,” a book on etiquette. The defense said, “Do you know they hired the Countess to write a book?” Alessi replied: “I don’t know that, teacher.” “Don’t eat or drink in front of Mr. Epstein, Mr. Maxwell, and his guests … I can’t see anything, I can’t hear anything, and I answer the question directly. Remember to say nothing but respect their privacy. “

Alessi realized that it was a “kind of warning” and implied that Maxwell was a tough taskmaster. “It was slavery.” He confirmed that he first met Jane in 1994. “I don’t know exactly how old she was, but she looked young. Say 14, 15,” (Jane says Epstein by a driver she’s a “sweet Latin American.” He said he was picked up at home and drove. Alessi is from Ecuador.)

Alessi remembered occasionally finding sex toys at Epstein’s massage table. When the defense began to tear his wings, Alessi fought back violently. After quitting, he objected to stealing $ 6,000 from his house and admitted it, but never arranged for Epstein’s sex massage, only driving the girl into order. But did anyone complain? He was asked.

“I wish they were complaining,” he said. “Then I could have done something about it.” The crooked butler regained his dignity.

US law states that such federal trials cannot be aired, and Covid’s restrictions limit court space. I watched the minutes live in the annex of the courtroom with members of the world media.

Before the jury was brought in on Friday, Judge Alison Nathan heard a tin stud-sharp, legal debate. It has nothing to do with the apartment. The judge found that the photo proved his interest in a minor girl and ruled in favor of the prosecution.

Despite many reports suggesting that Epstein was a blackmailer, what is striking about the indictment is the lack of abusive tape, audio or vision. All that remains is evidence of individual witnesses, such as Jane, who claim to have been abused, and circumstantial evidence of witnesses, such as pilots and butlers. As the trial progresses, three more women will appear who are said to have been abused at an early age.

But what does the jury do with all this? NS #me too The generation of young women does not seem to be represented at all, perhaps as a result of the defense game of the jury selection process. The jury seems to be mainly young and old men of color, not wealthy white women. People like you see on my subway train. You can see the tricks the defense has done, and you reflect that these are exactly the kind of people who spent their lives cleaning up the shit of the rich. If so, it’s not a good omen for Princess mwah-mwah on the dock.

That said, at lunchtime on Friday I hurried to eat at a nearby coffee shop. Sitting alone at another table was Maxwell’s brother Kevin. The last time I saw him physically was in 1996, ObserverHe and his brother, Ian, were found not guilty of helping his father, Robert, steal £ 400 million from Miller Group pensioners. They also had a flashy lawyer. Maxwells has a history of getting off, and money can outweigh justice around the world, especially in the United States.

The trial will continue.

John Sweeney’s Podcast This is Hunting Gisrain..His book The one with the same name will be released in the spring.

Cocktail Party from Hell: In Court with Ghislaine Maxwell, Princess of Society | Ghislaine Maxwell

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