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Epif welcomes guests from the intricately carved front door from Peru. Janey Wong

Prior to moving to Portland, Epif owner Nicole Dirks and her husband Pepe Arancibia previously owned a vegetarian restaurant in their hometown of Chile. Now their state restaurant is close to their home for them … literally. The couple designed and built Epif’s commercial building in front of their home, along the corridor of the NE 28th restaurant. Indeed, a dream commute.

Epif’s bar program revolves around Pisco, a grape-based liquor produced in the wine-producing regions of Peru and Chile (both countries claim it to be a national drink). Peru has a purist stance in its production. The spirit must be produced in a copper pot still and does not add flavor, resulting in a transparent colored product. Chile, on the other hand, is more experimental, adding flavor and aging pisco in oak barrels. Epif proudly stocks all the piscoes that Oregon permits to import. Darks likens it to vodka in that it works very well with the flavors it pairs with. Pisco is sweeter and has a clearer taste than vodka, which tends to be more neutral.

Most drinkers may, of course, be familiar with the pisco sour that appears on the cocktail menu, but Epif celebrates the spirit of high evidence with other creative craft drinks and tasting flights. “I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like pisco, it’s just that they haven’t tried pisco,” says Dirks. It is currently unavailable, but when regular flights are resumed, regular and homemade injectable flights will be returned. Pre-shutdown infusions spanned the flavor wheel, from warm profiles such as coffee orange and cinnamon cloves to fresh flavors such as cucumber and apple ginger.

In terms of food, Epif specializes in cooking found in the Andean region of South America. This dish is known for its meat-centric cuisine, but the restaurant adds its own spin to traditional dishes. In addition to being 100% vegan, diet-restricted diners can find many options: gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, and sugar-free.

As a certified cat woman, I had to stay loyal to myself and get a “kitten snuggle”. Pretty pink drinks include Chilean Pisco Capel, Saint-Germain Elderflower Spirit, Mango, Raspberry Syrup and Lemon. The cocktail has a nice taste that will surely brighten the day of the drinker, like a real kitten snuggling up. Well-balanced, moderately sweet, with a distinctive grape scent without having to step into the territory of Dimetap.

Epif has been accumulating an archive of specialty cocktails from past and present bartenders Rebecca Bradford bartenders for the first five years since its opening. Darks and Bradford are responsible for the cute and puny name of the cocktail, adding a whimsical touch to a solid and tasty drink.

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“We did some experimentation … we have a cocktail that has been around for a while, and it was once called” El Condor Flies ” [after] Old song. It’s old-fashioned delicious like pisco, and I always drink it. It didn’t sell very well, but I changed the name to “Dream Llama” and it was booming! Sales have increased! Darks reveals.

As head chef and the most finely tuned person in Pisco, her husband Aranchibia finally has the final word when a new cocktail is tested. All Epif takeaway cocktails are made to order and the restaurant recommends returning the provided glass jars to help refund deposits and reduce waste.

Epif, 404 NE 28th, (971) 254-8680, epifpdx.com

Cocktail To-Go Club: Epif Pairs Pisco with South American-Inspired Vegan Eats – Blogtown Source link Cocktail To-Go Club: Epif Pairs Pisco with South American-Inspired Vegan Eats – Blogtown

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