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Coin Museum

                                       Coin Museum

Coin Museum is situated in the city of Nasik, Maharashtra. It is a research institute and is also open to the public and that too free of any charges. This museum is well-equipped. There exists coins belonging to different periods of human existence.

The minting of coins started off when civilization got modern and started trade using money rather than the conventional methods. Coins were minted in unique fashions and was a unique to a particular king or an entire dynasty. First came coins made out of bronze followed by gold and silver. Coins have played major roles in history. Just like a name, every coin type is unique and has a story to tell. The Coin Museum at Nasik works towards unveiling the truths, tales and historical background of coins which gives one a clearer picture of the period to which it belonged to.

About Coin Museum

The Coin Museum in Nasik carries out research in numismatics. There exists trained researchers who have specialized on different numismatic periods such as ancient, early medieval, medieval, medieval and late medieval. One can go any enquire about a particular coin or coin series found in India if interested.

In addition to this the Coin Museum houses a library. This library stacks a good collection of books on numismatics. The library also houses photo caudexes of coins numbering approximately 1, 50,000.

There exists a Scholars’ residence within the campus. Anybody who is interested in numismatics can come and stay here at nominal cost if interested in carrying out research or study on coins at this institute.

What to expect when at the Coin Museum

Coin Museum is a great place for people who are in love with numismatics. One can find a display of evolution of coins in here. The change in shape, size, material, texture etc. is very well visible in the display here. Coin Museum is a wonderful place for taking children. One can explore a sea of coins when in here. A visit to place is a wonderful weekend getaway.

This place imparts a lot of knowledge and information about coins and the overall history of India.

When in here visitors can get an insight on the processes involved in casting and machine striking of coins along with coin minting and coin manufacturing. In addition to this there exists journals, paintings, photographs, moulds, dyes, replicas and information related to different currency systems in here. This coin museum is one of its kind museum in the whole of Asia.

Coin Museum also conducts workshops on regular basis with the aim to impart and promote coin collection in India.

A Tourist’s Guide

Coin Museum is open on all days of the week from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Entry is not ticketed here. One can easily avail public transport facilities like auto, cab or bus in order to reach this place. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway Station which is at a distance of 30 km from here. The nearest airport from Coin Museum is Gandhinagar International Airport which is 24 km away from here. Accommodation options are in abundance in the city of Nasik. One can book hotels both online and offline as per one’s needs and demands.

A visit to the Coin Museum will definitely be an enriching experience. This place has the potential to entertain visitors belonging to different age groups. This place is a heaven for people who love collecting coins. The most striking feature of this coin museum is that when in doubt visitors can readily get information from the specialists present in here. So, when in Nasik one must visit the Coin Museum.

Vaagisha Singh

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